Rudy Zeinoun – 1:1 with a #MEAHero


1. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
I’m the Director of Web Development at WhiteBeard, a 2-year-old startup in Beirut developing web applications, mobile applications, and enterprise system. I’ve been in the development field since 10 years before I finally decided to start the company with my partners and combine our efforts together.
2. How the idea of the #applicationname came to you?
L’Orient-Le Jour is one of our primary clients and it was only natural for their business model to be present on one of the most important platforms.
3. Why you decided to implement this idea specifically on Windows8/Windows Phone/Azure?
We first started developing the app on Windows Phone 7. The operating system’s interface was one of the main factors that made us dive into this and create one of the first regional applications for Windows Phone. As soon as Windows 8 started gaining public attention, we rushed to develop a version for Windows 8, since it is an unchallenged fact that the market base for Windows 8 will be in terms of billions of users.
4. What resources on Microsoft or community side you found most helpful while working on the app?Could you please take us on a quick tour to understand your application better?
Our application is a news application. We use several features such as push notifications, live tiles, local storage, photo viewer, video player, typography optimization, etc. The development tools from Microsoft were perfect to help us through the development process. Even though Windows 8 was at an early stage when we did our app, we found lots of help on MSDN, Microsoft forums, and StackOverflow.
5. What are your interests behind technology?
I’m personally interested in all things tech! Gadgets, phones, notebooks, tablets, phablets! You name it.
6. Any plans for news apps or projects in general?
We are definitely expanding our Windows and Windows Phone portfolio, along with other platforms of course. We believe there is great potential, and now is a great time to start.

7. What would you advise to Developers in the region who also would like to become #MEAHero? 
Come up with a great idea! We’ve seen a lot of repeated apps and unused ones just for a developer to show that he or she did something. What’s most important is the idea. Of course, you need good execution in terms of development and design. As a developer, never underestimate the power of your app’s design in making it grow and excel.
8. Where the community can catch up with you online or offline?
I’m available on Twitter: z_rudy, by e-mail on You can also pass by my office in WhiteBeard in Achrafieh, Sioufi street.


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