Microsoft to provide World Cup software

Live coverage of the Rugby World Cup 2011 will be streamed around the world
using Microsoft's Silverlight Player as part of the company's $2 million
sponsorship of the event.

Microsoft New Zealand managing director Paul Muckleston said most of the
sponsorship deal involved providing desktop and server software including the
Silverlight Player.

The most tangible part of the deal, for Rugby World Cup 2011 viewers, would
be the ability to view games over the internet.

"That's going to provide an alternative to traditional television," Mr
Muckleston said.

Rugby World Cup Ltd general manager Ross Young said the event's official
site, hosted in Turin, Italy, would feature the coverage via Silverlight Player
and be aimed at those unable to make it to New Zealand.

"It's going to be live, and there's also potential to archive events.

"What we are trying to do is take it to another level.

"It gives us the opportunity to do something a bit different," he said.

Mr Young said he would be talking to broadcasters in New Zealand about how
the technology could complement their coverage rather than compete with it.

Asked whether the sponsorship deal would include a competition to create a
Rugby World Cup 2011 application for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform, Mr
Muckleston said it was likely with tickets as the prize.

Mr Muckleston said Microsoft New Zealand was keen to back the biggest
international sporting event in New Zealand history and connect Kiwis to what
mattered to them 

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  1. Dr Doalot says:

    Silverlight is completely sh1t.  I've downloaded it in accordance with the instructions and the world cup videos won't play.  Never had a problem with downloads before.  Waste of time.

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