Amazing New Features Coming to Windows Phone 7

Steve Ballmer at Mobile World Congress 2011

At the Mobile World Congress 2010, Microsoft officially launched Windows Phone 7. One year later, at Mobile World Congress 2011, Microsoft announced some amazing new features that would enhance the experience of any Windows Phone 7 during the ongoing year and beyond.

A concrete example of the company’s vision is the new strategic partnership with Nokia. “This partnership will combine the strengths of our two companies, and fuel our growth as we build the global Windows Phone ecosystem. This is a great win for us, for Nokia, and for our existing and new customers around the world,” said Andy Lees, president of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business.

“…A year ago, we introduced Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We described how we are putting the entire muscle of our company behind our mobile strategy including Windows, Windows Live, Bing, Zune, Xbox LIVE, Office, SharePoint, Exchange, and our developer tools,” Lees said. “Our alliance with Nokia creates opportunities for both companies far beyond what we could achieve separately, and offers a compelling alternative to the existing choices for consumers, mobile operators and developers.”

The first goal with Windows Phone 7, Lees said, was to deliver a uniquely delightful customer experience. And the results, as provided by Windows Phone 7 users, show that the overall experience is great. “So far we’ve had a fantastic reaction from customers, with a 93 percent customer satisfaction rate and nine out of 10 customers saying they are likely to recommend [the phone] to someone else,” Lees said. “All of this contributed to Nokia choosing us. And with this partnership, we are taking another big step toward driving global scale, reach and impact.”

Microsoft at Mobile World Congress 2011

The new Windows Phone 7 features announced today include:

First Major Update

A free customer update will be made available for all Windows Phones in the first two weeks of March, which includes new capabilities such as copy & paste and faster application performance.

Availability on CDMA Networks

With added support for CDMA networks, Windows Phone will be available to even more customers on mobile operators such as Verizon and Sprint in the first half of 2011.

Twitter Integration in the People Hub

Twitter Integration in the People Hub

The popular social networking service Twitter will be integrated into the People Hub in the second half of 2011.

Office Document Storage in the Cloud

Office Document Storage in the Cloud

Document sharing and storage in the cloud via Windows Live SkyDrive will be added to Windows Phone in the second half of 2011.

Next Generation Browsing with Internet Explorer 9

Next Generation Browsing with Internet Explorer 9

A dramatically enhanced Internet Explorer 9 web browser will be added to Windows Phone in the second half of 2011. It will feature the same standards support (HTML5, etc.) and hardware accelerated graphics as the PC version.

Additional Multi-tasking Capabilities

Ability to switch quickly between applications, run applications in the background such as listening to music, along with a number of other capabilities in the second half of 2011.

Windows Phone 7 Support for Kinect

Microsoft sold 2 million phone licenses in Windows Phone 7’s first two months and the phone is now available from 60 mobile operators in 30 countries around the world. There are now more than 8,000 apps in the marketplace and 28,000 registered developers. Microsoft is expected to share more details about the Windows Phone 7 at the Mix’11 conference in mid-April.

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