Second Round of MEA Windows Phone 7 Challenge Winners Announced


Second Round of MEA Windows Phone 7 Challenge Winners Announced

Microsoft recently announced the winners of Second Round of MEA Windows Phone 7 Challenge. Click here to see the winner of First Round. MEA Windows Phone 7 Challenge is a student technology contest which has been conceived to attract entries from students across the Middle East and Africa region to develop Windows Phone 7 compatible applications.

1. Sky Canvas

Windows Phone 7 is a great platform for phones, not just because of its user-friendliness to end-user but also because it is supported by great developing tools which make App Development easier than other mobile platforms. As we have been fans of Microsoft’s IDE. Developing for this new platform was really quick and so we chose to make an app to solve this particular problem, getting rid of boring, old text based communication. We gave our coding skills a try, and I guess we did good :)

  • Group Leader – Asad Memon
  • Group Member(s) – Saad Zaman, Musa Ali, Imab Asghar
  • University – National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan

2. BloodFinder

We joined this competition because we always search for challenge & we love to be always up to date. When Microsoft launched WP7 we thought of working with that SDK to learn its features. So, we combined these two to generate “Blood Finder”. Plus, we are always love to raise the name of Egypt which was our first goal.

  • Group Leader – Mohammed Elsamak
  • Group Member(s) – Kareem Hashem, Hosain Ali, Mohammed Salah
  • University – Faculty of Engineering- Alexandria University, Egypt

3. Pickup7

Since the launch of windows phone 7, i was trying to cover more and more about this platform, being glad to create mobiles applications with the richest user experience I’ve ever seen, the Middle East & Africa Windows Phone 7 Challenge was a great opportunity for me by getting new thoughts about the windows phone 7 platform and also the developers community in the region.

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