Microsoft Lebanon in cooperation with the MEHE participates in Regional Innovative Education Forum in Tunisia

Microsoft Lebanon in cooperation with the MEHE participates in Regional Innovative Education Forum in Tunisia

Microsoft in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Tunisia kicked off the sixth Regional Innovative Education Forum on 6th & 7th October at the Movenpick Hotel Tunisia. This event brought together a community of teachers and schools from around the Arab region and was attended by more than 100 teachers from the across the region.

The Innovative Educational Forum comprised of two main educational pillars, the Innovative Teachers Forum and the Innovative School Forum. The Innovative Teachers Forum targeted teachers who develop the most innovative programs to compete with other teachers from across the Arab world to attend the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum. The Innovative Schools Forum on the other hand, reaches out to participating schools to shed the light on research-inspired learning principles and best-in-class technology, integrated and adapted for local community needs.

A delegation made up of 3 schools Al-Makassed, Al-Nahas and Dhour Shweir Secondary Schools and 5 Lebanese teachers led by Mr. Abdo Yammine School Net Project manager, were selected by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to participate in the Event to represent Lebanon.

The two day forum was filled with enriching programs and activities on both the educational and cultural level. A series of speeches, trainings, debates, panel discussion and educational field trips project took place making the trip a true learning experience. The highlight of the event was the ‘Innovative Teachers Track Competition’, where teachers had to create innovative teaching programs using photographs and data collected from field visits made during the trip in Tunisia. On the final day each group presented their projects to a panel of judges and selected the winners, including two from Lebanon, Mrs Denise Karam in the individual project category, an Omar Achour in the group teacher category, to participate in the Global competition taking place in Cape Town.

This initiative was developed by ‘Microsoft’s Partners in Learning‘ to promote the regional sharing of innovative practices through the integration of technology as an education tool and to create a network of top innovators in the Arab world. This event included representatives from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The annual forums recognize and reward teachers who incorporate innovative practices into their teaching programmes and the student learning environment.

“Microsoft recognizes education plays an important role in social and economic development of every nation, and empowers of individuals to reach their full potential. This forum is an opportunity for teachers from across the Arab world to share ideas and be exposed to innovations in the educational field in order to implement them and transform the educational practices in their home countries,” said Nadine Andraos – Microsoft Citizenship Lead – Lebanon.

Abdo Yammine, stated, “Once again, Lebanon is not only participating for the 6th year in a row but proving that innovation and educational developments are part of our curriculum and practices.” Yammine added “The Ministry will continue to support this initiative for two reasons, we are representing Lebanon and proving to be very successful and more importantly we are continuously bringing the latest innovations and ideas and integrating them in our local educational ecosystem.”

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