Vista and my Laptop – Where Love and Hate Collide.

Chalk this one on my list of Stupid things to do.

Given that Office 2003 on XP was running as fast Daffy Duck on a marathon - what was I thinking when I decided to upgrade to Office 12 on Vista at that. The pointed Fingers are aimed at a certain Felipe Oyanadel who had a pretty elaborate methodology to install that on a similar machine (his) which was the same except for a few cycles of Ghz more on his CPU. I am such a sucker for sucess stories, cool interfaces and superfast graphics that I Spent my weekend at work trying to "upgrade".

Quickly learning my mistake I went back to a fresh XP installation and tried Office 12 on it - much better performance - but outlook is chewing up my 2GB Pst files like it was a mouldy toothed ogre chewing on raw steak. All this aside - the interface was cool and I cant wait to get a new machine to upgrade to this next release. Its supercool yes. My machine is just not ready for it yet. Bummer.

Lesson Learnt: When older software is slow on current hardware, do not move to newer software on same hardware. And you'd think thats a no-duh axiom. No wonder its on my list of Stupid things to do.

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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    Good judgment comes with experience.

    Experience comes from bad judgments.

  2. Jay R. Wren says:

    Well, you are right 99% of the time, but there was Mac OSX 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3 each of which vastly improved performance compared to the previous version at both the OS Level and applications (especially Mail.App and Preview.App).

    I don’t know about newer Mac OSX versions because my Powerbook G4 was stolen before I could try them.

  3. Apart from the downtime and long hrs at work spent at work migrating across to Vista and back from XP…

  4. Scott Rudy says:

    LOL, I did the exact same thing. Although I have no idea how fast Daffy Duck runs a marathon. At least it did give me a reason to get my company to replace the 2x500Mb chips with 2x1Gb chips of memory on my laptop.

    I must say though Vista and Office 12 are quite solid. The problem is the indexing engine (Windows Desktop Search). Most posts suggest letting it chug away for about three days straight to index your files. However, I find it does about 4x as much wrting as it does reading, while consuming all available idle CPU. I have had my machine up for about ten hours and it has read 3Gb while it has written 13.7 Gb and my puny 1.2 Pentium M processor is dying for a bigger fan.

  5. Pradeep UN says:

    Aaah the Windows Desktop Search is a completely different target of a rant, especially in summer.

    Cos in the east coast in winter – you could rather start the desktop search and be warm for 3 days on ur laptop guaranteed.

    But hey i am on the west coast and its summer 🙂

  6. raybear says:

    I cant wait to be rid of this usless product called vista. Give me the smooth sys. that xp provides.My dad always said "if it isnt broke dont fix it!!!!

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