India Inc. On the latest edition of TIME Magazine…

Quite interesting that when India makes it to the covers that the foto to be chosen (Left) is a Bharathanatiyam dancer from South India. Especially when you realize that 5 out of 7 ppl polled typically would have said that the TajMahal as the first thing that comes to their minds when u say India. (The 6th one would say Curry and the 7th would say Infosys. :)). But I guess having the Taj with a satellite dish is not as pretty as a dancer with a headset 🙂

The cover story for this article lies here.

"Writers like to attach catchy tags to nations, which is why you have read plenty about the rise of Asian tigers and the Chinese dragon. Now here comes the elephant..." Now seriously - I like the whole imagery here, and love my indian elephants but cant we get a more agile animal-tag here to compete with the tigers and dragons?

A read into "Bombay Boom" another cover story, which describes the fundamental issues that have yet to be solved - does give an idea to why elephant might not a bad imagery after all.

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  1. Sahil Malik says:

    I guess a bharatnatyam dancer with a headset is better than an elephant sitting on a couch with a laptop. Oh wait, that’s America.

  2. microsoftie2b says:

    hehe, you forget the power of the elephant. afterall, they were the ones that are shown to have thrown Alexander off his horse in hte movie :)…

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