Google Current: Google comes to a TV Near You!

Google Current  - a brief really hip TV Segment on what people are searching for online being showcased on Current TV an interactive cable channel. Shouldnt be long before this becomes pop-culture and behavioral trends of searches and reasons to search would be geared towards getting your 2 mins segment online.

In fact one of the recent Google Current segments was on Tamil - my native language . The accent and style of presentation of Conor Knighton (The Host) ofcourse was super funny almost made me wonder if this was a video spoof that I was watching. NOT! This was the real thing. Also interesting was how the segment within mins of starting went from the language into Tamil-Matrimony (and arranged marriages) and quickly into casteism. Ugh!? Double Ugh.

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  1. Hm. Google stars at Microsoft blog? It is something new 🙂 By the way, was this TV section sponsored by Google or they address other search companies as well?

  2. Pradeep UN says:

    Not sure if this was sponsored by Google or not – but and they do NOT address other search companies – sad 🙁

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