Really cool RealEstate Valuation Mapping technology at

 Talk about Killer apps - this one is da bomb. takes in your address and spits out the evaluations of the houses in and around your locale all this on a really cool Satellite/Hybrid Map.

Love it.

Thanks to Business2.0 to point me towards this!

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  1. Bruce says:

    And would that be *your* $900,000 house in the middle of the picture?


  2. Kevin says:

    This thing was not even close to accurate.  It showed a house that I know just sold for over 1 million for 150k.

  3. Eric says:

    Looks pretty, but I prefer to go to the source — the county assessor’s office.  Most assessors provide an online parcel search and sometimes even a fancy mapping applet with sat image overlay.  Examples: Snohomish and King counties in WA.



    If you still prefer the indirect route, is a decent site for King county.

    These are great resources when you’re home shopping.

    Cheers, Eric

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