Steeler Football ready for the seahawks in Superbowl..

3 days to SuperBowl XL and the team I support is playing the team of the city I live in.

This cartoon that I saw today pretty much supports the story that we keep hearing about the Steeler Football - trying to play the Seahawks!

Just decked a new Steelers banner across my office door here at Redmond to egg on the ppl arnd here at work. And it has been total fun!

Gooooo Steelers!


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  1. jkorst says:

    sorry Pradeep, the Steelers are going to get smacked by the Hawks.

  2. Tepper05 says:

    Here we go Steelers! – Jonghee

  3. Pradeep UN says:

    Bring it on Jeremy!

  4. Ricky Dhatt says:

    Please, this picture is a complete mis-representation — no self-respecting Seattlite uses an umbrella.

  5. Pradeep UN says:

    Well no self respecting guy from da’Burgh really goes around with a hard hat these days 🙂

  6. bernie says:

    Sorry for the seahawhs fans but the steelers clearly won the game. If you a complaint it must be against your teams lack of ability to do the things necessary to win the game.

  7. Sassan says:

    Amazing….no pro Seattle comments after the game. I wonder what could be the reason behind the silence…..hmmm

  8. b-rent says:

    the hawks are the best team in the nfl hands down

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