LOWIV: Laws of Working in Vacation.

For a team of 60+ to have barely 10 offices inhabited means: its that week between Xmas and New Year when everyone is out partying while I am heads-down on my powerpoint deck. (I know this aint exactly powerpoint right here - but then - I will jus ignore that line of thought.) So here we are 10 of us at office knowing we are doing a lot of good work in quick time. Why? Three Laws of the Working in Vacation(LOWIV) prevails of course.

LOWIV #1: Thou Shall work without an urging need to check email every 10 mins.

LOWIV #2: Thou Shall work uninterrupted from Instant Messages for Job Requests.

LOWIV #3: Thou Shall work without fear of being randomized.

Without meetings, barely any email floating around, close to Zero intra-office Instant messages and all the customers/partners/vendors on vacation - Good work is done in quick time... 2 words - Productive Use! And I am not even kidding almost everyone who is in office right now would agree.

Notice how blogging has not even made it to the top 3 list of LOWIV. Oh well!


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  1. Bob says:

    There is an art to picking when to schedule vacations.

    If you visit with family during the holidays you’re reaping no true reqards imho. It’s completely expected by both your family and your employer. When things turn into expectations, value diminishes.

    I say surprise both your family and your employer by randomizing your vacation time. Throw caution to the wind and take a leave of absence one week before you launch that new product, announce that new process/training, or get hit with a re-org. Your family will be caught off guard – hopefully pleasantly surprised and you, my friend, will avoid all the chaos that ensures during those "peak" times. Ths side benefit, as noted by Pradeep, is when you are in the office, no one else is! You get loads done!

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