I am a little Teapot – The DarkSide of the Microsoft Admin… strikes …

 As sweet and nice that Nancy Apthrop, the Exec-Admin to Norm Judah (our CTO in the Worldwide Enterprise Services group at Microsoft reporting to Rick Devenuti) is - the Darkside of the force had gripped her strong late last Friday - during our office move. Unfortunately I was the victim to her mischief this time - and Eric Sabetti played Darth Maul and helping her.

A 10 mins break away from my computer in the common lounge - suddenly saw me sending mass mails to my boss and others in different groups with the following information:

From: Pradeep U.N.
Sent: Friday, November 18, 2005 3:43 PM
To: Pradeep U.N.
Cc: Joan Yarkosky; Glenn Pereira; Jack Litewka's Workshop SKUs Team; Nancy Apthorp (WATT)
Subject: I'm a little teapot...


…short and stout.  Here is my handle….here is my spout…..


Sure do – I’m pretty too!


Pradeep U.N.
Program Manager, Core SKU Infrastructure | Microsoft WorldWide Enterprise & Support Services|

Obviously having posted this and had the audacity to send the link back to Nancy, Joan and The Secret-All-powerful Ring of the Admins in our group.... my days are marked 🙂

Note to Self: LOCK the machine before you leave it around!!! <cntrl-Alt-Del> <alt-K>

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  1. Ericsabe says:

    All the cook kids are using <WindowKey>+<L>.


  2. Ericsabe says:

    uh… that’s supposed to read "cool kids". I suppose the uber-cool kids are using spell-check.


  3. Pradeep UN says:

    … Or maybe the uber-cool kids from the mid-west are cook-kids?

    and Windows+L gives u a chance to logoff – not LOCK the machine….No?

  4. Ericsabe says:

    Sure it does, if you’re using Windows XP Home Edition. I suspect, however, that you have Pro on your MSFT latptop. No? (that might explain the productivity "problem" <g>)


  5. Nancy says:

    That’s right – sweet and nice…but taking no prisoners. Actually, I learned that little trick from you very own ‘joany’. She pulled this on a fellow Admin a while ago and we had so much fun at that Admin’s expense….it stuck with me. Cheers! ~Nanc

  6. Heather says:

    now I know that Nancy is the person to contact if I want to play a practical joke on you. Whee!

    Pradeep, if it makes you feel any better, I think you are neither short nor stout ; ) I may have the market cornered there!

  7. Pradeep UN says:

    Uh oh!

    The Dark side of the Force jus got Stronger….

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