Are you "Microsoft-MAX"ed yet?

Microsoft Codename Max is uber-cool, very rock-on and quite download-heavy.

"It is not like any other product. That's because it's not a product—it's your opportunity to try an exciting new user experience from Microsoft."  is the blurb on their webpage and I installed it last nite and I must admit it is more UI experience than a product. Very chic. You can go to their webpage for more information. It is free after all - and a good way to checkout some basics of the Vista interface.

But this blog is more than this product - what made me MAX-ed out and feel happy about it was the way it was marketed. Word-of-Mouth and Blog-driven. I did not hear about it first on conventional marketing tools or product launch jazz -parties - but through emails and blogs. Very very rad, cool and different atleast at MS so far. There are also some very subtle marketing/branding/image concepts that  I can see they are testing out with this new product channel - so I will stop right here and not speculate/reveal them. No point tainting that data 🙂

Refreshing UI. Good work guys!

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  1. tzagotta says:

    I tried to install "Max" and I think it corrupted my VS2005 RTM installation. The installation failed for no stated reason, and my VS2005 will no longer load any .csproj files. I’ll investigate and report back to this blog.

  2. tzagotta says:

    Confirmed – VS2005 RTM and Max are INCOMPATIBLE. Other users have reported the same, and some notes on the Max site from the developers say that some of the components Max uses are based on old beta bits.

    I did a repair install of the .NET 2.0 Framework, and this got VS2005 working again.

  3. Pradeep UN says:

    Thx for the update Tzagotta.

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