Rant: GMail Sucks so Good – I think it competes with USPS.

First up - yes I do have a Gmail account (1 yr old), just like I have a hotmail account (11 yrs old), a Yahoo account (8 yrs old). The concept is cool, the Huge storage is a great benefit for customers and hey I do also see some merit in searching v/s sorting mail. But then I do have the same terrible affixation that haunts all geeks or ex-geeks who suffering from a constant need to try out new-technology. Sufficiently warned? Here comes the rant:

When it comes to using webmail systems - despite all the features thrown at you - or the minimalist-feature (Is that an oxymoron?) one thing I shall not compromise on is the ability to receive the mail sent to me on time - and the ability to send out email consistently from my mail account. That is a requirement as fundamental as a car-shopper looking for cars on a plethora of features ranging from heated seats to GPS navigation... but just hoping for the car to go from point A to point B when required by the driver. Simple. Just like I dont want to spend a sleepless night worrying about if my car would start the next morning when I need it to drive to work - similarly I dont want to worry about if my email would have reached the intended recepient - as intended on time.

Now in the last 2-3 months, I have come up with solid reasons on why I can build a case on why Gmail Sucks::

  • Losing my mail - while I type a mssg and click send - to find instead a "login expired" message! A quick MSNSearch says there are others who have had the same problems too!

  • Sometimes - I can just not plain login. Instead I get a mssg on the screen that says "Oops"! Okie Britney you have a fan at the G! team alrite! Yes - they did it again. More folks with same problems have had this too. I know Error Code 32 or Error code 00zhgy0 are worse - but what kind of an error message goes... "Oops!" ?

  • Quite often (read intermittently) - emails sent out from a Gmail accnt (mine or others) takes 2-3 days to reach my inbox. And I thought Hotmail, Yahoo were competition! Apparently not - Gmail seems to compete instead with USPS! Fedex/UPS would ofcourse have an ontime overnight delivery - so no competition there.

Before I wrote this rant I did a test over the last month... A simple Ping-Pong test. PING: First I would send someone the email and PONG - call them up after 10 mins to ask - "Hey seen my email yet?". 9 out of 10 times the response would be "Why email me when you were going to call me?" but then every once in a while - that email would be lost ... and arrive 3 days later! A look at the email headers to check routing - was enough proof. The bottle neck seems to happen at the Gmail Proxy:  "Sent (from gmail accnt) on Sept 19th... received by Gmail Proxy on Sept 21st.... received by (corporate mail) on Sept 21st." 21st?? Thats 3 days! Atleast 5 times before in the past 3 months I know this has happened - and about 3 times my message was never delivered. Never Delivered? Hullo - USPS atleast gets my packages delivered on time - maybe its in a bad shape (if you bought furniture from Overstock.com you know what I am talking abt) - but atleast it is delivered.

Anyhoo - That is just unacceptable. And for any comments that are going to respond to this rant and defend about the tag "BETA" on Gmail - I tell you - its been on Beta for a yr or more now - and you'd think sending out mails is something Gmail would have gotten fixed by now ..... instead of pointing me to ads when I read my mail!

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  1. barrkel says:

    I can’t concur. At our office, Gmail is faster than our Outlook company server.

    It’s login is significantly better than Passport, however. I’m registered with Product Feedback with one passport account (my Hotmail account), and MSDN Subscriptions with another account (really my boss’s account). If I want to log into them both, I need to use either separate browsers or separate machines. Unfortunately, Product Feedback is really slow on Mozilla, and MSDN Subscriptions uses an ActiveX plugin to download files.

    I try to use Passport’s "Log Out" button to log out from one location, and it says: "Sorry, there were errors logging you out, this error has been logged, try again later.".

    I delete my cookies, but you can’t go around deleting your cookies twice a week: login forms on other sites will nag you.

    I tried to change the email address associated with my Hotmail passport to redirect to my Gmail account. Tough luck. Can’t do that. So then I had to create new accounts on product feedback, and MSDN Forums. I can’t even use my original moniker ("Barry Kelly"), because I couldn’t get Forums to remove my old account. I’m now known as "Barry.Kelly" on Forums.

    Not to get too negative, but I’ll bet on Gmail way ahead even of Outlook, let alone Hotmail.

  2. Brittany says:

    Not only does GMail take a week to send mail (or never send it at all), I have trouble getting e-mails that are sent to me from other providers. For instace, I never, ever get e-mail from MySpace (and yes, I have it enabled to send "updates" or whatever) and I never get e-mail from a friend of mine on AOL. I have watched her send the e-mail to my account and I simply never receive it. I can’t stand how it groups things into conversations either, and I haven’t been able to turn off that feature. The only reason I liked GMail was because its design was fairly simple — there weren’t 400 banner ads decorating the screen around my email.

    It’s ridiculous. I’m switching back to Yahoo.

  3. Pradeep UN says:

    Brittany – u should try Live.Com which shd be out soon…. its a totally new rad design with less clutter/ads and a lot more reliable 🙂

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