Larry Has Left the Building…

Last April I took a new job at Microsoft as a consulting manager.  This means my Project Server development has been shrinking toward zero (obviously you can’t let managers write code).  I still get questions from people periodically from my blog.  I realized that I never really announced that I wasn’t maintaining this blog anymore. …


TechEd 2007 Presentation

I got a request over a month ago for my presentation from TechEd.  I missed the request buried in the thousands of spam comments I get :(.  So attached is the deck, you already have the samples in previous posts. Under the Godfather heading of “Everytime I get out they pull me back in” I…


TechEd 2007 – Sample 3

This is the final sample from my TechEd presentation.  It’s an event that captures the Project Published.  When the event is triggered, the project being published is read, then output as an Xml file.


TechEd 2007 – Sample 2

Here we go with the second sample, the Project Server Explorer.  This sample opens a list of projects.  Then you can look through all the propoerties and DataSets for a selected project.  The key was binding the columns in the DataSets to controls. Project Server


TechEd 2007 – Sample 1

This year at TechEd I’m delivering the following session: Code Title Date/Time OFC339 Enterprise Project Management: Developer Options 6/8/2007 10:45AM-12:00PM As Project and Portfolio Server are deployed in many enterprise scenarios it is important to understand their integration capabilities with line-of-business systems (like SAP). This session provides you with an overview of Project and Portfolio…


Hanging at TechEd This Week

Hi All, It’s been a while since I posted.  Well there are two really good reasons for that 1)      I’ve was working on two really big development projects 2)      I left the Project team a few months back. On the leaving, I’m still doing some part time work for the Project team through the end…


Creating an Extended Project List

Happy New Year all!  I had a really nice holiday break at the end of December, I hope you all did too.  As the New Year has dawned, so have more questions around Project Server 2007 development.  I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of development on Project Server for a solution accelerator to Project…