Microsoft Office Project Bug Bash – WINNERS

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Microsoft Office Project Bug Bash Beta 2 Technical Refresh (2TR) Challenge, you have been instrumental in making this contest a great success.  Below are the winners that have been selected in the three Challenge Categories:


Most Bugs Submitted

Grand Prize: Winner would like to remain anonymous

1st Prize: T. Simon*

2nd Prize: D. Luis*

3rd Prize: A. Angas


Most Interesting/Unique Bug Submitted

Grand Prize: J. Flavin

1st Prize: S. Haffner

2nd Prize: Tim Johnson

3rd Prize: P. vander Borne*


Most Critical Bug Submitted

Grand Prize: V. Bogdanov

1st Prize: H. Hoet*

2nd Prize: H. Tifti*

3rd Prize: M Claxton


* Please note that these winners are pending verification of eligibility and confirmation of prize acceptance.

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