Project Server 2007 SDK

I’m still working through some of the questions that have come up in the last few weeks. 

Where is the Project Server 2007 SDK?

First is the online version at:

Next is the downloadable version at:

The cool thing about the downloadable version is you can get the file to integrate Project Server help into Visual Studio.  This means when you hit F1 you can get context sensitive help.  OK so F1 doesn’t work in this release due to index issues.  But… when you look at the contents of the VS help files Project Server will be listed… so that's kind-of cool.  Alright it’s nice to have the help files local in case your off the net J.

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  1. Magnus Salgo says:

    Is there a way to extract the blob the MS Project file… I had problem doing that in the SDK 2003 (did a dirty solution having a background process running a MS Project client that use a Macro to save down a  MS Project file …

    reason we need it is that I have built a manager interface to MS Project server to in a better way display the progress in get products approved by different regulatory…

  2. nagendra says:

    is there any way we calculate the effort and schedule variance in PWA ?

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