Conference Season

I was looking forward to the Project Conference in Seattle to happen so I could start writing about Project Server 12 development.  Well it came and went a few weeks ago, and now where are all my posts?  I got tied up in preparing for the Project Conference in Munich Germany, that's where all my posts went.  I do have the Office Developer Conference coming up next month, but am only delivering one session.  I have some ideas for things I want to try out.  If there is anything specific you may want to see me post on, drop me an email or a comment.

Comments (4)

  1. Steve says:

    I would love to see real, good c# code to automate Project 2003 where PDS lacks particular update functionality.  For example, to iterate 200+ projects and filling in a particular value for the "work" column.

  2. lduff says:

    The code I posted around doing winproj automation gives you all the components to do the heavy lifting.  Iterating trough project is just using the project API.  My suggestion on how to create code like that is to use the macro editor to create the base code that calls the API.  You can refine it really quickly (no compiling necessary).  Then you just code up the calls in C#.

  3. Steve says:

    Many times I try using the macro recorder because I don’t know where to begin.  The macro recorder often doesn’t record anything useful — it may only record that the menu call was for a wizard.  I am a bit worn out with trial and error.  For example, the PDS calls for changing the code values does not update the msp_view tables for project summary information.  After fruitless searches on google, google-groups, etc, I had to resort to opening the project, saving it, and then closing it.  The XML from the SOAP peeking tool showed Project Checkin including this data, but there must be as easier way.  Hence the opening-saving-closing of each project.  Can we get a real programming model in the next release?  And in the interim, real information for working with 2003 Project Server.  There is such a dearth, a paucity of information that it appears no one is using Project Server.


  4. lduff says:

    I think the response for this is a good topic for a post on it’s own.  Look for it as "When is a Publish Not a Publish?"

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