Automating Project Pro to Project Server – Winproj State

I’m heading off for a holiday vacation, so I’m front loading my posts for a few weeks.  I’m getting pretty excited because I should be able to start talking about Project 12 once the Project Conference completed in January. Let’s complete the series on automating Project Pro to Project Server.  The final key to the…


Automating Project Pro to Project Server – GetWinProjLocation

In my last post I talked about connecting Project Pro to Project Server via automation.  Connecting requires executing Project Pro with parameters to choose the Project Server and authentication method.  But before you can execute Project Pro you must find its location on the machine.  So what file are we looking for, winproj.exe.  Many times…


Automating Project Pro to Project Server – Connecting

For many versions now all the Office client applications have supported COM automation.  Even through Project wasn’t officially in the Office fold till a few versions ago, it too has a robust COM automation model.  At times you want to interact with Project via programming, instead of the user interface.  And further than that you…


Upcoming Project Conference 2006

I just got notified that I’ll be speaking at the Microsoft Project Conference in January.  For all you old time project people this used to be the Project Technical Briefing (PTB).  This is THE event for Project/Project Server information.  There is a mix of content about 70% technical, 30% business related materials, hence why its no longer just…


Templates Override PDS Parameters

I had a question from a customer who was creating projects using the Project Server PDS. Within the project every task must have the Fixed Cost Accrual set to “START”. To set the Fixed Cost Accrual they were using the option DefaultFixedCostAccrual in the ProjectCreate XML structure.  This had no effect on changing the value….


Changing the Project Owner

Suppose you need to change the project owner as far as Project Server is concerned?  This functionality comes out of the box in Project Server.  You don’t need to write a custom PDS extension, a regular PDS call will handle it.  First make a call to ProjectCodeValues.   <Request>  <ProjectCodeValues>    <ProjectID>524</ProjectID>    <AutoCheckout>1</AutoCheckout>  </ProjectCodeValues></Request> Look in the below…


Changing the PDS Default Timeout

Some calls within the PDS can be long running and induce a timeout.  This is VERY uncommon, but can happen when there is lots of data in the call.  The product group has seen this happen around the AD Sync functions when the domain used has a large number of resources.  If you are sure…



Welcome to my blog.  I figured I would share little about my background, and what you should expect to find here.  I’ve been in software development for the last 16 years and a Microsoft development consultant for the last seven years.  Over the years I’ve specialized in distributed application development.  I started on custom Ethernet…