December 2015 release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the December release of Lifecycle Services.


Microsoft Dynamics AX Public Preview is here!

The public preview of Microsoft Dynamics AX is now available. You can now sign up and deploy a cloud instance of Microsoft Dynamics AX, based on our latest development milestone, known as CTP8. This public preview of Microsoft Dynamics AX can be deployed through Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services.

Microsoft Dynamics AX CTP8 is available only to existing Microsoft Dynamics channel partners and customers who are currently enrolled in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) service plan. Existing customers can find details on how to get to the preview from here and partners can find the details here.

Language preferences

Starting today, LCS will release the public preview of the language preference feature.

To enable this for your account, login to LCS , click on your name on the top right corner, and then select Preferences.


Select your preferred language from the drop down and then click Save.


New Unified library

We have shipped the new APQC unified library for the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX . This new library is for CTP 8.


Updated methodologies 

We have also shipped two updated methodologies for the newest version of Dynamics AX.


  1. To use these new methodology, login to your LCS project and click Change methdology.


Select the methodology you want to use and then click Save.

Note: If you want to keep the existing phases and tasks in the methodology keep the toggle set to Yes.


New data packages

Over 250 new data packages for CTP 8 were also shipped in this release.

To import these to the project, in your LCS project go to "Asset library", select Process data package, and then click Import


Select the Process Data Packages from the list and import them into the project.


The Microsoft Dynamics AX Code Upgrade service will now help you upgrade to CTP8.

Comments (4)
  1. FH-Inway says:

    It seems that a new customization analysis check has been introduced which produces the action text “Client API found in method %1”. Could you give some background on this check and what should be done to resolve it?

  2. Claus Andersen says:

    Great job.

    Now that you have enabled language preference for the UX, will you also enable it in things like the methodology? Since I’m only able to specify text in one language, it cannot be controlled in case want to have multiple languages within one methodology.

    I know the that workaround could be to have separate methodology’s for each language, but that will not Work, since I might have project users for one project (and therefore one methodology) using different languages.


  3. Peter Rutter says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve just installed LCS to evaluate the AX system we have and find that quite a few of the system diagnostic report items are unpopulated. If I go to the collectors they are mostly marked as “No data collected”. In two cases the relevant Event Log shows:
    Data file IndexStats.xml has exceeded the maximum size limit of 64MB. This data file is excluded from the uploading package.
    Data file OA_Common_NumSequenceTableScoped.xml has exceeded the maximum size limit of 64MB. This data file is excluded from the uploading package.
    Further in the report there is an entry for Fixed Assets with no depreciation schedule but it contains no details but if I look in the collectors the three relevant assets are held there.
    Any thoughts or suggestions?

  4. dubus says:


    I didn’t find the process data package in asset librairy , how can I create new process flow ?

    Marc dubus

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