September 2015 release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the September release of Lifecycle Services.



Incremental updates to the notification framework provide you with better control for notifications from LCS.

Updated experience for SharePoint and Visual studio online setup including addition of "Action center" to give you better visibility into setup and configuration of VSO and SharePoint online.

 Improved user experience with updates to the controls.

"Recent projects" section will now show recently used and invited projects instead of recently invited projects. 


Azure active directory login for 'AX 7' and Microsoft accounts can now use the "Sign in" button to login to LCS.

Starting September release Lifecycle services no longer support Firefox.

Comments (17)

  1. Peter Gunnarsson says:

    All Project are now gone in the new updated LFC. Why ?

  2. Marcel Goossens says:

    Change in Browsercompabilty ? Firefox not supported anymore ?

  3. Bjorn Kuijt says:

    also lost all my projects in the update 🙁 Can we get them back somehow?

  4. Can you please make sure you are logged in with the right account? We just made some consolidation of login across 'AX 7' and 'AX 2012' in our September release.

    If you are logged into any other Microsoft assets, we will use that login. One of the workarounds is to make sure you try logging into LCS "in-private" and login with the right account.

  5. PhilB says:

    When signing in you are presented with a choice of Work/School or Microsoft (Personal).

    When I chose the first I had the same issue reported in the previous comments, i.e. no projects.

    Signing out then signing back in but this time choosing Microsoft (Personal) it worked and I can see my Projects – either that or this was fixed at the appropriate point when I attempted the above scenarios.

  6. The above comment is applicable for AX 2012 logins mostly when using live-ids but for 'AX 7' logins please select Work/School login.

  7. With September update, LCS will no longer support Firefox.

  8. Paul Thompson says:

    Hi , I am getting "we've received a bad request" on logging into LCS and can't get in.  A colleague has issue where he is in LCS but cannot see any of his projects.  Are there some issues since the new release?

  9. Tommy Skaue says:

    FYI; "InPrivate" (or "InCognito") still solves lots of confusion around logins. Lots of people remain confused with MS Account and Org account, especially if they are the same email address.

    One thing I find interesting is that I must be invited with my org email if I am to be granted access to the projects as Partner Org member. However I must login using my MS Account to get access to the same Partner Org projects. Understanding how this is related to VOICE seem crucial. 😉

  10. Jamille says:


    I seem to have lost all my projects!

    Please can you recover them…

  11. Paul Thompson says:

    I have tried signing out of windows account completely to see if helps with getting a new sign in on LCS but doesn't get to sign in screen before getting the error  "we've received a bad request" below the signin heading.

    Details below also shown:-

    Additional technical information:

    Correlation ID: 3bb4bb0e-dd05-45e1-96bd-06a450b8a5f2

    Timestamp: 2015-09-25 12:24:18Z

    AADSTS70001: Application '913c6de4-2a4a-4a61-a9ce-945d2b2ce2e0' is disabled.

  12. Paul Thompson says:

    Based on suggestion from R&D yammer site – changed to "inprivate" browse in IE and prompted me for login.  Had to select Microsoft account whereas normally select work account (or something similar) and then I have got into LCS.

  13. Paul Thompson says:

    Following was full process I used to resolve in case helps anyone else:-

    Connect to partner source and sign out to log out of windows ID account.  Select private browsing in IE and go to LCS, sign in with Window id details and select Microsoft account (I previously selected work account).  Connected ok with projects available.

  14. Perhaps this was already present before but it strikes me now that in almost all diagnostic messages, the message / warning  contains :"Recovery model not set to full".

    This despite the fact that the database of the monitored environment dynamics ax is set with the option Full.

    Is LCS actually analyzing only the Dynamics AX database or also the other avaliable databases (non-Dynamics / Model) ?

  15. Dan Fite says:

    I see that others have also reported this but I do not see any response yet. All of my projects are no longer available.

  16. Ghassan says:


    I can't add new project because the product name, product version, and methodology are not available from the drop down.

    If you experience the same issue and resolved please share your experience.

    1. Steve Brower says:

      Thank you Paul Thompson! I hit the same wall trying to login to Lifecycle Services and your instructions worked like a charm.

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