Survey: What’s next in LCS

We are always working towards improving your LCS experience. We would like to understand how you use LCS for your projects and what other tools and services you use in conjugation with LCS to meet your ERP project implementation/upgrade needs.

The data we receive when you complete this survey will help us prioritize the efforts and the investment in LCS for the coming months.

This is your opportunity to influence the future of LCS. 

Comments (2)

  1. Jason Howell - K3 says:

    I need to find a way to make the artefacts associated with a Task Recorder tree (used to upload for BPM in LCS) available in a new environment. I can import the hierarchy to a new environment, or move the BPM  tree to a new project, but can't find a way to move the recorded objects over. Any help appreciated.

  2. Toni Mas says:

    I've realised about some inconsistencies between LCS License stimator and the file DutyPrivilegeNamedUserLicenseMapping_R3

    for some menuitems they show different CAL level.

    Which is more accurated?

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