Changes to LCS – SharePoint authorization

As part of the July release, we will be making some framework changes to SharePoint integration in LCS on 7/31. Each project user will be promoted to re-authorize your account in LCS for SharePoint access to continue using SharePoint with LCS. 

Comments (2)

  1. Dick Wenning says:

    how should this integration work?

    I can connect my main site , but sub sites does not work out Project/

    how should I solve this one?

  2. Jacob Brown says:

    I am an LCS project owner, and I tried connecting the LCS project to a Team Site in our SharePoint Online instance, but LCS said I need to be the Team Site owner. I added the Team Site owner to the LCS project, and he authorized the trust between LCS and SharePoint Online, and he can now upload documents to the LCS project and they appear on the SharePoint Team Site. However, when I try to upload documents, LCS says I need to authorize the app to manage documents on the Team Site. I can see that LCS has saved the URL that the Team Site owner entered, but when I click Save, it says, "Sorry, only site collection administrators can add or give access to this app." The site collection administrator can see in the SharePoint Team Site "site app permissions," but there are no options to configure the permissions. How do we enable LCS project team members or even project owners to upload documents to LCS without making them SharePoint Online site collection administrators?

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