Internet Explorer Version Supported by Lifecycle Services

Starting March 21, 2015 Lifecycle Services will only support Internet Explorer 11 or later. Please update your browser before March 21, 2015 to avoid any unexpected access issues.


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  1. Robert Sammut says:

    I created a new Azure VM with AX2012 R3 Demo environment today (20th February). It has IE11 but the AX Update Installer is saying that the browser is not currently supported when I try to download the CU8 update from LCS.

  2. Flemming Gregersen says:

    When MS are saying IE10 or later they mean IE10…. and only IE10!

    I have the same problem on servers running IE11 but I still have one server left running IE10 and from that one I was able to run the installer and Download the update, save it as a package and apply in on my AX installation.

  3. Robert Sammut says:

    Thanks for the tip. However the error says to dowload the latest IE. It does not say that IE10 is required. And in this blog it says IE10 or later.

    This is the exact error returned from AX Update Installer (LCS):"

    Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services

    Your browser is not currently supported. Please download the latest Internet Explorer from here:…/download-ie"

  4. Robert Sammut says:

    I re-downloaded the AXUpdateInstaller from LCS and this time it is working with IE11 too. Cheers.

  5. Justin Sandstad says:

    I've just downloaded the CU 8 installer via Customer Source:…/KBDisplay.aspx  and face this problem from a Windows Server 2012 R2 – IE 11.

    Where do you find the CU8 installer on this LCS Site?

    Should this not be the same version as on Customer Source?

  6. Ken Mok says:

    I have the same issue, thanks for Robert sammut's hints.

    downloaded the LCS AXUpdateInstaller from…/Installer.

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