December release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the December release of Lifecycle Services.


This release includes a reworked experience with several preview features. These include:

  • SharePoint Online integration has relaxed validation rules for URLs
  • Downloadable tools have been moved to the main page of the LCS preview release, under Issue Search.

  • Dozens of bug fixes



  • All services have been updated for CU8
    • Upgrade analysis can be used for moving from AX 2012 to AX 2012 R3 CU8
    • Issue search can be used to find known issues for AX 2012 R3 CU8. Search for "CU8 known issue". (The quotation marks are required)
  • Cloud-Hosted Environments includes the following updates: 
    • The Test environment (previously referred to as the Standard Dev/Test environment) has been updated for AX 2012 R3 CU8. The CU8 version is deployed by default. If you want to deploy the AX 2012 R3 version, click Advanced settings > Supported version during deployment.
    • CU8 demo data is included on the SQL Server VM disk for easy import.
    • RemoteApp is supported in Test environments when a Remote Desktop Services instance is deployed. You can select the RemoteApp option during deployment when you click Advanced settings > Customize remote desktop services. For more information about RemoteApp, see
    • Azure Basic tier VMs are no longer supported, because they are not compatible with our deployment methods and application needs. Only Standard tier or higher VMs are available for deployment.

      Note: CU8 Demo and Retail environments are not yet available, but will be coming soon.


  •  System Diagnostics contains 8 new rules for General Ledger and Budgeting that help identify data inconsistencies that often cause issues for Management Reporter integrations:
    • MainAccounts that don’t have a corresponding account category assigned
    • An invalid Ledger value assigned within a General Journal Entry, Budget Register Entry, or Budget Planning Entry
    • A child record with no corresponding header record within a General Journal Account Entry, Budget Register Entry, or Budget Planning Entry
    • Any invalid DataAreaID assigned within a Budget Register Entry


Comments (6)

  1. Downloadable tools says:

    Please provide a hyperlink to this content or some more detailed navigation instructions.  I cannot locate "the main page of the LCS preview release, under Issue Search."

  2. Claus Andersen, EG A/S says:

    The link can be found as the last item in the leftmost "menu" – titled Get Started – on this page: (there's a Issue Search box in the top of the "menu").

  3. Suganthi says:


    I am new to LCS and trying to understand what the "attachment link" property does while editing the flow chart. Thanks in advance for your help



  4. Hi Suganthi,

    It's simply a place for you to store a link to your flow chart. You can link to anything, say a spec document. Then anyone else can access the same link. Think of it like metadata.

  5. Dan McAllister says:

    Hi Jared, we really like the improved methodologies capability with this release.  Is there any chance you guys will be providing more methodologies (currently just Surestep Agile) in the next release?  We'd love to see a waterfall-type approach in there as well.  Currently we're just modifying the methodology to meet our needs.



  6. Hi Dan,

    Currently we don't have any new waterfall based methodologies in development. It is possible for you to modify/create your own, save it, then reuse it within your company. I would recommend that approach.

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