November release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the November release of Lifecycle Services.



This release includes a reworked experience with several preview features. These include:

  • A new Methodology tool for projects
    • A starter methodology is provided, called Sure Step Agile
    • You can attach templates, and documents to task
    • You can create your own methodologies
  • SharePoint Online integration for document storage
  • Visual Studio Online Team Foundation Server integration for tracking tasks and bugs
  • Reworked project user management, invitation process, and streamlined project types
  • A new Downloadable tools section, where you can find the tools that were previously available on InformationSource. The content that was previously hosted on InformationSource is available on CustomerSource, here.



  • A reworked sign in page where you can now:
    • Learn about Lifecycle Services
    • Find marketing content to share
  • Issue search now supports filtering of product issues by :
    • Module
    • Country
    • Configuration key
    • Industry

Comments (29)

  1. Raza says:


    is there any plan in future to integrate AD(Active Directory) with Lifecycle services user provisioning?

  2. Carri Lesatz says:

    I read that the organization users are directly linked to Customer Source or Partner Source, but I am not seeing evidence that is true since there are organization users in LCS that are not in our Professionals list on Partner Source and also visa versa.  How does this link work?  I and a couple of others are our organizations LCS point person but are only Contributors.  How can we be set to Administrators so we can edit the organization user list?  Thank you.

  3. Raza says:

    BPM uploading on Lifecycle services.

    Hi, I was under the impression that once you are done recording in advance mode and package is built, you take that video out and edit (may be add voice) and put it back, it would upload on lifecycle the video that's in the package. But it seems like it doesn't even care if the recording.wma is in the package folders or not, seems like it is embedded in .axbpm file? can you please clarify for me. I deleted the recording.wma from the package and then uploaded it on lifecycle, still it would be showing video on uploaded process. Where does it get the video since evidently it is not getting is from package folder?

  4. Raza says:

    Matter of fact, it doesn't care about anything else in the folder that gets created when you click on build package in AX recording(framework_industry), just abc.axbpm file as I just tested it. Lots of folks asked me to have video edited a little and upload with the package but I don't really see a way right now?

  5. Monica says:

    I've published a BPM from my library and it appears in the Corporate library but the status is pending, how do I update the status?

  6. PocketNerd says:

    Hi, i'm trying to connect up my SharePoint Online subscription. I've copied the URL directly from my SharePoint site but whenever I try to OK it, I get the following message:

    "The URL you entered doesn't appear to be a SharePoint Online site."

    Is there something I need to do in the SharePoint side to allow the connection to be established etc. as everything looks like it should be really simple.


  7. PocketNerd says:

    As per my previous comment, I seem to get the same error message when I try to hook in my Visual Studio Online project.

  8. Raza says:

    Hi, For both of these online applications to work with LCS – they need to be online account (versions of sharepoint as well VS) – If you try to hookup your internal sharepoint site, it will not work.

    When you create an online visual studio, you will get a URL – Please use that. I will try to reproduce your error and will let you know the results and resolution.

  9. Raza says:

    Monica, This is by design, whenever you publish, it becomes Corp lib (for your corporation) – I believe this is the whole purpose of publishing so that other folks that you have added in your project can see your library – I might be wrong but that's why I think should happen –

  10. @Raza

    It does use what is in that folder. You most likely already had a recording for that space that is being shown. Since we wouldn't replace good content with non-existent content. Try a whole new library and you should see your content changes. We don't delete existing content, only overwrite.

    Also, yes, we are looking into AD integration through Azure AD.

  11. @Monica

    An organization admin can login and "Accept" the library, then it will be in accepted state and visible for your organization.

  12. @PocketNerd

    You'll want to make sure your URL format matches the one we show in the help text on the setup page. You'll also need to be at least a "Stakeholder" license level in the project.

  13. Raza says:

    Hi Jared, here is what I have done just now, actually recorded the process, built the package, before I upload on lifecycle services, I went ahead and edit the video – saved it as WMV file as it originally was in that format, opened LCS and uploaded that package. After it was successfully uploaded, I clicked on my process and video was without editing no voice at all – remember I did replace with edited video.

    Just to make sure I went to the package again and played just the video and it was matter of fact Edited Video.

    Based on that, I am saying it doesn't take video file called (recording.wmv) from the folder. Can you please assist what am I missing?

  14. Raza says:

    Jared, I haven't heard anything about my above post. can you please have your team reproduce that – I believe you will have same experience as I did.

    Please help.

  15. Danko says:

    Jared, I also cannot connect to SharePoint Online site.

    I copy the exact URL but i get error "The URL you entered doesn't appear to be a SharePoint Online site." It is Office 365 Enterprise SharePoint Online site and I login there with Office 365 ID (not with my Live ID).

  16. @Danko – make sure that you are using the shortened version of the URL like the example on the sign up page suggests – it should look something like this:  …/example


  17. @Danko – for some reason, the copy/paste URL or the viewing of the blog post for the description didn't list the https:// in front of the URL –  The URL should look something like this


  18. @Raza – the video is built into the axbpm file when the package is created not upon any kind of upload- so following the steps you listed, I would not expect the changes to the video to show up inside of LCS. If you edit the video BEFORE creating the package, then it should do what you are looking for.


  19. Joerg Murawski says:

    I do have the same Problem as Danko. I have a Office 265 Account that is different from my Live Id, that I use to access LCS. When I key in now my SharePoint Online URL I get the error message: "The URL you entered doesn't appear to be a SharePoint Online site". Help would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Hi Joerg,

    I would look at Kevin's posts above. Using different LiveID's / O365 IDs should work just fine. The key is fitting to this URL pattern:  https://

  21. Joerg Murawski says:

    Hi Jared,

    in accordance with Kevin's post, I used the following URL "…/cse", but I still do get the error message.

  22. Hi Joerg,

    I would recommend contacting the support team from here to continue troubleshooting.


  23. Damien Nast says:

    Hi guys

    "You can deploy the following types of AX 2012 R3 environments on Azure with the Cloud-hosted environments tool"

    When is production deployment going to be available? I see the video and looks great and then customisation but currently all I have is DEMO and DEV as models?



  24. Gilles Duval says:


    linked to the different posts above about "The URL you entered doesn't appear to be a SharePoint Online site", it seems that it is necessary to have the level "/teams/". But 'teams' is a reserved word and can not be created as a subsite in SharePoint.

    Is there a way to create this sublevel "teams" to make it works ?

    Because if you have "", you have the message, but if you type "…/exemple", you have no more message and it is trying to connect to of course a non existing site.



  25. Patrik Luca says:

    I don't find the "Downloadable tools section": how can I access it?

  26. Gilles Duval says:

    Hello Patrik,

    it is only on the beta version and last box on the bottom right (dependingon your screen resolution you might not see it)


  27. Patrik Luca says:


    what screen resolution should I use to see it…?

    The beta version: how can I access it? I have only knowledge of one url for LCS, being:

    I need urgently to be able to download the Security development tool for Dynamics AX 2012 R3, but as it is moved from InformationSource to a place I cannot access right now…

  28. Patrik Luca says:

    OK: found it: you can switch to the beta in LCS itself. I did find now the downloadable tools section.

  29. Dick Wenning MVP Dynamics AX says:

    It looks like, LCS can deal with project that have a space in there name

    I can connect to the main site, but it is a sub site.

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