September release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the September release of Lifecycle Services.



  • The Cloud hosted environments tool now has customizable settings for domains, virtual networks, and user accounts
  • The Business process modeler now includes a new, process manufacturing APQC library.
  • The Issue search tool now shows planned and open regulatory features, and includes searchable resources for:
    • Regulatory feature updates
    • Regulatory white papers, registrations, and reports
  • The Infrastructure estimator tool has:
    • Become an independent tool, that can be accessed outside of the Usage profiler
    • Added sizing for non-production environments (Dev/Test/Training)
  • The Upgrade analysis tool has new summary information in the report
  • Support for Safari (v5.1.7) and Firefox (v32) has been added



Comments (18)

  1. André Arnaud de Calavon says:

    Thanks for the updates. The Issue Search provides more content and select options. Unfortunately the deselected categories and countries are enabled again when you click the Search button. So this is not working yet. I also miss one description of the categories. It would also be a nice feature to have an option to select or deselect all categories and/or countries.

  2. Haytham Said says:

    I have an unexpected client error when trying to add a cloud hosted environment.

  3. Eric says:

    I am trying to deploy an R3 demo environment to Azure but there is nothing displayed to the right in the Cloud Hosted environments.  I have done this several times before.  I feel that I have all of the steps in place for connecting LCS and Azure since I have other environments working correctly.

    Where the screen says "Select environment topology, Please select a topology to deploy" it now shows "We didn't find anything to show here".  I asked another colleague to try and they get the same message.  Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  Is this connected with the September Release?

  4. Azure deployments have been temporarily suspended as we had an issue with last nights deployment for the Cloud Hosted Environments area. It should be available soon, I will post a note once I have heard that we opened the deployments functionality back up again.

  5. I should have waited 10 minutes….Cloud Hosted Deployments have been opened back up again with the exception that the images are still copying to the Europe West region as they are taking longer than expected to copy.

  6. Eric says:

    Wow, thank you so much for your swift response!  I will wait to deploy later.

  7. Matt Vail says:

    Would be nice if issues were flagged as either a kernel fix, application fix or both. Thanks!

  8. Haytham says:

    Thank you a million, please note that i see only dev and test and Demo machines no retail essentials, mobility and e commerce. is this due to the copying issue ? or they removed the beta ?

    Thanks again

  9. Haytham – when you select DEMO or DEVTEST you will get a second list of options because we now group the deployments by those two types. Most of the old options are under DEV/TEST except the Demo and Retail Essentials Demo.

  10. Haytham says:

    Thanks Kevin, Appreciate your support. Now it's ok . Cheers

  11. André Arnaud de Calavon,

    Can you give me more details around what filtering option is not working? If you can give the scenario you tried it will help us repro the issue around how the filters are getting reset when you search.

    Based on the what I could decipher from your comment t looks like a browser caching issue. Once you land on issue search can you try CRTL+F5 and then try using issue search? You should see select/deselect option for country/region etc.

  12. Angelika says:

    I´m able to select the Demo Deployment and the Standard Demo and press next.

    After that i get the message:

    "An error has occurred. This error has been logged in our datacenter."

    So, I can´t deploy the Demo machine.

  13. Raza says:

    Hi, I have uploaded various model files for customization analysis, After completing upload, There is message saying "My Job Queue number is 9" once I hit "Analyze code"  After 24 hours when I checked today, status hasn't moved from 0 % at all of any model file – however now my Job queue is 7 –

    Can someone explain what exactly this means, on MS documentation, it says it might take 10 minutes or longer – but didn't anticipate that it will take this long?

    Has anybody encountered this?

  14. Raza,

    Is this for 62 customization analysis? We currently have a known issue with 62 customization analysis. We are investigating this issue and will get back with an update ASAP.

  15. Raza says:

    Yes Shefy, It is Build number 6.2 – AX 2012 R2 CU7. My report has been processed but it ignored lots of models – I wonder if it has to do with services being offline – Shall I try again –

    Some of the models got this error.

    AXUtil 6.2 – Microsoft Dynamics AX Admin Utility (6.2.1000.8647)

    (c) Copyright, Microsoft Corporation, 2011. All rights reserved.

    The AXUtil command was started in the mode: import. .

    ERROR: You cannot import the SYP Labels model into a Microsoft layer.

  16. We have resolved the customization analysis issue and the models have started processing.


    Customization analysis only processes USR, VAR and ISV.

  17. Hi Matt Vail, we are working on the changes to display if a fix was either an application or kernel fix, or both. Expect to see it by the November release.

  18. mo says:

    why when i click cloud-hosted enviroment and i try to add in the select environment topology it shows only demo AX2012 R3. help please

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