Resolved: Cloud-powered support Create Incident is unavailable

The issue with the Cloud-powered support incident creation has been resolved.  We apologize for the inconvenience it caused while it was unavailable.   


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  1. Mahesh Amundla says:

    Hi LCS Team,

    I was trying to given process in Upgrade analysis, but iam getting below error in Rapid Data Controller .

    "Unable connect database, Please make sure user account running rdc has permission to connect database".

    Please help me sort out these problem asap.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Mahesh Amundla.

  2. Mahesh,

    Please check if you can connect to SQL server at port 1433 and also make sure the account you provided has access to SQL server.

    If this issue persists please find support here:…/f14f0ff8-d798-4cd0-a730-0a09957fdd25.aspx

  3. Mahesh Amundla says:

    Hi Shefy,

    Thanks for your quick responce.

    We have installed named instance of SQL server and firewall is off on this machine.

    Account which we are using is having administration rights in machine as well as sql server.


    Mahesh Amundla

  4. Raza says:


    As everybody knows that when we want to add someone to Lifecycle services, that person has to have MS live ID (Partners/customer), however I was asked that there is a way that you can Federate Organization Account after you establish Federated Trust with Microsoft.

    I would like to know more about it, I been assigned a task to know everything about it so our Organization AD account would work for lifecycle.

    Can someone please help me accomplish that or is it even possible. Below are the options I am seeing from the page:

    1- Microsoft Dynamics Customers and Partners

    2- Microsoft Employees

    3- Organizational Account

    4- Federated Organization Account

    What are the requirement of options 3 and 4?

    Appreciate help in advance.

  5. Raza,

    Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time. We have some work scheduled in our road map to enable scenarios like this, but I don't have a timeline.

  6. Raza says:

    Hi, We have a pretty big Dynamics AX environment, I am running System Diagnostics on Lifecycle, When I collect the data, I see my process running on SQL server, then it disappear in about 15 minutes – But I don't see any report from last two hours on the Lifecyle.

    Does it take that long?

    First time when I ran the report, I felt the same way and all the sudden three reports appear with status " All traformations failed" And I do have report containing most of the data but its not complete data.

    For me there is no way to find out where the process is – whether it should take that long etc.

    Anybody else experience this?

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

  7. Raza,

    LCS Diagnostic processing can take a variable amount of time as it works on a queuing system. So if more people are in line, it will take longer. There is currently know way to know this status. However, I'll take that as feedback that we should have a way.

  8. Seth says:

    Is the Create Incident service down again? I keep getting an error, "Sorry, that isn't available right now" when attempting to create an incident.

  9. Seth says:

    Solved: There was an issue with the system diagnostic tool not pulling data due to insufficient permissions which caused the incident report to fail when attempting to read the bad data from the environment.

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