August release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the August release of Lifecycle Services.



  • The Business process modeler now only allows libraries to be copied, "Adding" is no longer available.
  • The Business process modeler now supports uploading Visio diagrams into process libraries.
  • The Cloud hosted environments tool now has:
    • A new development and testing (5 box) environment.
    • Several new retail environments.
    • A choice of how many virtual machines and their size when you are deploying.
    • Option to specify a domain name and VNET name you want to deploy to.
  • The Issue search tool now includes proactive fixes released by Microsoft.
  • Nearly 300 error messages have been rewritten to be more clear and helpful. 
Comments (22)

  1. Claus Andersen, EG says:

    Good job guys….

    There are still some hotfixes missing in LCS, but I expect it will be "cleaned" within a couple of weeks.

    Could you make a short description on how to upload the Visio diagrams (have looked, but couldn't find out how to)?

  2. Praveen says:

    Am trying out with the New Retail Essentials Demo on Azure, can you please share the details of the Role Size column for the servers? What do the different values indicate and how it will affect the Azure subscription. Nice to see a lot of improvement coming along on the Azure deployment, keep it up!!!

  3. Arild Jakobsen, EG says:

    Hi LCS Team.

    I really need help to solve a problem. We are developing an add-on for AX 2012 R3 and I am looking for a way to merge to different libraries into a single one. Basically we would like create a single library containing our own features, which could then be uploaded and merged with the updated library you create.

    My idea would be to make a copy of your R3 cross-industry library and then select upload and attach to include our own processes in the final version. Unfortunately it doesnt seem to work.

    do you have any suggestions?



  4. Raza says:

    I am not sure if my issue is similar to Arild, but when I create a solution and try to upload just the artifacts to an existing solution, Drop down menu doesn't show the solution in the list.

    Is there any setting I need to do or it takes time. Couple of them show in the list but any solution I create now, doesn't show in the list for me to select when I want to upload the artifacts only.

  5. Claudia says:

    Hi.  I have noticed and issue when right clicking on the Process Category Level of the Business Modeller and selecting the "Doc" option at the bottom of the page.  I get the following – Error Occurred

    An error has occurred while processing your request or your session has been timed out.

    Error code is Unknown.

    Has anybody had this same issue when using this function?



  6. Arild Jakobsen, EG says:

    Hi Raza.

    It is the exact same thing I experience. In the drop-down, I can only see a single library (uploaded by myself), but nothing else. I am therefore not able to attach artifacts.



  7. Hi Raza/Claudia,

    We're aware with the issue of attaching AXBPM packages to existing libraries. This will be hotfixed today. I'll investigate the doc creation issue.

  8. Claus,

    We'll be updating the BPM documentation here shortly with a full desctipiton:…/dn268621.aspx

    That said, it's fairly easy, just go to a flowchart or any line item in a library and you'll see a new Visio tab where you can upload your Visio.


    The role size directly correlates to the Azure VM sizes. Bigger VMs have more cores and RAM, but will cost more per hour.

  9. Hi Arild,

    You can do this by using the "Import" feature. There is a small help topic here on this:…/dn268626.aspx

    You just need to

    1. Copy our R3 library.

    2. Upload your own library.

    3. Go back to the R3 library and right click a node you wish to change/update.

    4. Click import

  10. Claus,

    We are currently reviewing and publishing the proactive fixes and like you assumed we will have all legacy proactive fixes in LCS in a few weeks time.

  11. Raza says:

    Thanks Jared.

    Please let us know when that hotfix is available? One more thing, when you customize your workflows and save it, it does save in that library but when you publish that library, it doesn't carried to the published library.


  12. Raza,

    This hotfix has been deployed to production.

    We also know about customizations not moving with published libraries. For the moment, this is the expected/desired behavior.

  13. timcam says:

    I'm unable to install the Lifecycle Services System Diagnostic Service.  When I run setup.exe it never starts and generates .net runtime error 1026 and a Application Error.  I have tried to run the installer on multiple workstations with the same result.  Is this a known issue?


  14. Hi Tim,

    We're working to fix this ASAP. It looks like the diagnostic msi is not signed.

    As a work around, you can disable strong name validation:…/how-to-turn-off-strong-name-validation.aspx

  15. Tim Campbell10 says:

    Any update on when a new download will be available?

  16. Tim,

    A new MSI should be available later this afternoon.

  17. We have shipped the new System Diagnostic MSI which addresses the installation issues that were reported.

    Please download the latest MSI and proceed with the installation.

  18. Rene Fauland says:

    Just an idea, but would it be possible to integrate a browseable CVS of the current AOT on LCS, which contains all released KBs?

    Of course with some meta info like: latest change in KB… on 1/1/14…

  19. Joshua Cabrera says:

    Hi LCS team,

    I have a question/request regarding the cloud hosted environment topologies:

    1) Is there a site that has release notes for the different topology versions? Or can that be something that is done in the future?

    I noticed my demo instance was created from the Demo v8 topology, but when I created a new demo instance just now, that instance was created from the Demo v11 topology. I was just wondering what was changed/improved.

    Thank you.

  20. Arild Jakobsen, EG says:

    Hello again and thanks for the initial feedback on the 14th.

    Unfortunately, that does not solve the problem.

    What I wish to accomplish is:

    1. Creating a copy of APQC (AX2012 R3) for a specific customer on the LCS site.

    2. Merging this with an axbpm-file created for our industry solution.

    This axbpm-file has been created by

    a. Manually generating an Excel-sheet containing the APQC Life Sciences processes and renumbering all these to fit in with the standard cross-industry framework in AX.

    b. Importing the file into a new framework in AX

    c. Adding relevant task recordings to this framework

    d. Exporting it to an axbpm-file.

    I have just made a test on LCS and it seems that this "Attach artifact"/merge issue has been solved.

    Can you confim this?`

    Thanks for your help.

  21. Varun P Puranik says:

    Arlid, Yes, the attach to existing library scenario has been fixed in production. Please give it a try and let us know if you run into any issues.

  22. Arild Jakobsen, EG says:

    Hi Varun,

    I have now looked a bit more into the attaching function and encounter some issues.

    1. Lets say that you create your own framework and Industry in AX, whereafter you record and export this framework. How are you able to ensure that they are Placed correctly in the standard framework on the LCS-site? As I see it, the numbering is just part of the description and not used for placing them in the hierarchy.

    2. I have encountered that when attaching new nodes to a library on the site, I am not able to view the attached recordings.



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