July release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the July release of Lifecycle Services.


  • The Business process modeler now includes a new, discrete manufacturing APQC library.
  • The License sizing estimator now generates a report that shows actual license usage for connected environments.
  • The System diagnostic service has been updated to include support for SQL Server 2014.
  • The System diagnostic service has been updated to improve connectivity for connections behind proxies.
  • The Cloud powered support tool now displays premier support cases.
  • The Cloud hosted environments tool now enables you to turn on/off Azure virtual machines.
  • The Cloud hosted environments tool now provides links that enable you to connect to Azure virtual machines (via .rdp files).
  • The session inactivity time-out period has been increased to 12 hours.

Comments (13)

  1. Kazu says:

    Could you please check this topic?

    There are reports of the same trouble, Where is the cause?


  2. Sara says:

    Our customer has an implementation project set up – however, he has no "tools" available in LCS – No BMP, issue search etc – please advise

  3. Raza says:

    Sara, you need to give permission on the tools – You need to add the user in Team, then select that user and edit, You will see the project and subfolder of that project will appear on the right side of the page, you need to select what you want that user to see.

    You might need to create a role and add that user to that role – again when you create role, it will let you select what tools you want to include in that role and just add the user to it.

    I hope this helps.

  4. Raza says:

    I have quick question about AX – R3 hotfixes and bug fixes.

    Is there a way in Lifecycle to get list of Hotfixes that's been released ? OR if there is any other URL that gets updated with every release related to Dynamics AX.

    What I’m trying to see, ultimately, is a scatter chart of the hotfix releases by Microsoft for R3.

  5. Cloud hosted Env(BETA) down says:

    I am unable to deploy an env. Getting error

    "Error Occurred

    An error has occurred while processing your request or your session has been timed out.

    Error code is None."

    Is the LCS still down? Please update..

  6. Razu – there isn't currently a way to generate a list of hotfixes from within Lifecycle Services, and we are no longer updating any Dynamics AX 2012 master lists of hotfixes released. However, I would encourage you to investigate the new cloud powered Dynamics AX 2012 Update Installer that is available from the Update tab of Lifecycle Services, because there are several ways you can use some advanced filtering to look for specific types of hotfixes, look for hotfixes directly tied to your LCS Business Process Models, and more.

    That tool pulls the source of hotfixes from a cloud service so it will always return recent information.


  7. Andy Barnett-Picking says:

    With regard to the libraries, once you've imported them from 'my libraries' into the usage profiler, there seems to be no way of either removing them individually or en-masse. Is deleting the project and recreating it the only way to reset these ?

  8. FH-Inway says:

    So it seems the azure certificate for LCS has changed and you need to download a new certificate and upload it to azure. In my case that meant losing the connection to my already deployed vms in LCS, as they are not listed in the cloud hosted environments anymore.

    I realize cloud hosted environments are still in beta, but a warning or at least a notficiation of such a change would have been nice.

  9. Raza says:

    Hi All,

    Just quick question, I have uploaded some of my processes in BPM, I would like to compare my process with APQC standard to see where we deviate from standard process. How can I do that? it seems to me it would come under gap analysis but I am looking to see on lifecycle if that's possible to compare two process (organization and MS Standard (APQC Cross Industry) –

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

  10. Thomas says:


    i wanted to use the sizing estimator, i filled in every Information for all the modules in the usage profiler, filled in all the General informations like user Count, integrations,…. But when i click on sizing estimation i don't get any Suggestion for IOPS on the database Server.

    I think that would be the most useful Information. In todays virtualized world the Count of RAM and CPU is not that important because it is changed easily but changes in the storage System are expensive and hard to realize.

    Do i miss anything or isn't that implemented so far? If so, when will it come?

    Thank you,


  11. Raza says:

    Today I tried to record a task in R3, Package was built successfully. However when I tried to upload it on lifecycle, this is what I get –

    The metadata for the process Demo_54614FC3- does not have menu item information. Please make sure the recording was done with AX running in administrator mode.

    All I am getting from Blog is to Run AX client as an Admin which I am doing – I am admin on the box as well where AOS and Client is installed.

    I am admin on AOS as well. How can I find out what went wrong or is it a Bug when it comes to R3 Recording tasks.

    Note: Everything works fine in CU7 environment.

    I noticed another user was getting the same error however I lost that post – wonder what he did to fix it?

  12. To FH-Inway regarding your Azure comment – nothing changed within LCS regarding Azure certificates. Every project you create in LCS requires its own certificate to allow for connection to possibly different Azure subscriptions.

    Do you recall what error you received that forced you to go back to your Azure settings and enter your subscription ID and download your certificate again?

  13. FH-Inway says:

    To Kevin Kidder: There was no error message, but my previously deployed vms were not shown and the sidebar for the azure setup was shown where it asks for the azure subscription id.

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