June release now available

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the June release of Lifecycle Services.

This release saw the addition of 8 enhancements:


  • New Retail Industry APQC library available in Business process modeler
  • New Professional Services Industry APQC library available in Business process modeler
  • Enhanced spreadsheet import in Usage profiler
  • Selection of multiple filters in Issue search
  • Analysis for minor version (in-place) upgrade from AX 2012 to AX 2012 R3
  • Enhanced incident list view in cloud powered support
  • Attachments are now supported in cloud powered support
  • 3 new customization analysis rules added

Comments (48)

  1. JCabrera says:

    All the tools once visible are gone – business process modeler, issue search, etc.

    I'm a partner, using a "Learn" project.

  2. Baber says:

    Same is happening with me. I can't see any options under the project that I created.

  3. Heinz says:

    I have the same problems, for example the issue search is no longer available

  4. Jürgen says:

    I have the same Problem. The only tool I see is "Updates" 🙁

  5. Abdel says:

    The Same problem,Just one tool availibale "Update"

  6. Andy says:

    Yeah, all tools are gone. Msft please fix this asap.

  7. Sara Allen says:

    Yes we are experiencing the same – we have a go live next week  and my BPM have disappeared

  8. Sara Allen says:

    We have also lost our BPM ability – and the recordings which are for a Go Live next week.  Can you please inform us when they are likely to "reappear"

    Thank you

  9. Walter F Rauch says:

    Tools once visible are gone – I have the same problem as above.

    The only tool I see is "Updates" and that link does not work: temporarily unavailable.

    Thank you,


  10. TMathews says:

    I have lost all my tools and any functions needed to run LCS

  11. GGLB says:

    No vemos las herramientas después del periodo de inactividad programado para el 5 de junio de 2014.

  12. Hi all,

    I apologize for the trouble. We're investigating the issue with high priority.

  13. I have the same Problem. The only tool I see is "Updates".

  14. Tommy Skaue says:

    Here is the direct link to Issue Search, in case you need it:


  15. Hi all,

    We've released a fix to production for this issue. All projects should be behaving normally now.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

  16. System Diagnostic Service with Contoso - which database and server to use? says:

    Which database and server do we use with the R3 VM for Contoso?

    I am using AX2012R2A as the server and MicrosoftServerAX as the database, but am receiving the error "Enter valid SQL instance or database name."

    I am logged on as Administrator, running the discovery tool as Administrator; and can see the server and database names in Management Studio, which I am also logged on as Administrator.

  17. FH-Inway says:

    "•3 new customization analysis rules added"

    Seems the existing rules also have been changed. I did a comparison analysis with some models I analyzed before the update and the result actually shows less issues than before. I guess some were removed because there are already Best Practice Checks for that. Others I'm not sure why they were removed. Would be nice to see a complete change log on this change.

  18. Hi,

    The R3 VM currently uses SQL 2014. The diagnostic collector does not currently support this version. We're working on an update that we'll release soon.

  19. Claus Andersen, EG A/S says:

    Hi Jared,

    Is there a limit to the number of users related to an organisation?

    I have currently 50 Users related to my organisation, and even though I added 3 more today, they did not recieve the email.

    They do show as added on the "Latest event" list, but do not show up as users on the userlist..

    /Claus A.

  20. Tom De ceuster says:


    I want to execute a customization analysis for AX 2012 FP. Is it possible to update this to the latest kernel version as well?

  21. Robert Hensley says:

    Just an FYI, there are base AX methods (in SYS) that generate Errors (TTS block not implemented correctly) during the Customization Analysis.  Here are some I've come across so far…



  22. Klaas Deforche says:

    I have a number of comments about the customization analysis. Some checks are wrong and suggest incorrect things. How can I contact the team responsible with my feedback?

  23. I'm sorry I should have signed in before commenting . Please, how can we provide feedback (except for that small text field on LCS that will certainly not be enough to share all my experiences 🙂 ).

  24. Inway-FH says:

    •Analysis for minor version (in-place) upgrade from AX 2012 to AX 2012 R3

    I tried this and it failed with the message "Analysis failed for unknown reason. Please contact Lifecycle services admin to get more detail."

    Could you look into it or should I contact Microsoft support?

  25. Inway,

    For issues with upgrade, I recommend contacting support through partnersource/customersource. We've kicked off an investigation into the rules issues you've mentioned.


    I've sent you a message via LinkedIn.


    Good call, we should definitely get the SYS layer stuff passing. Filing a few bugs to fix.


    I've sent an inquiry on this to the PM on Customization analysis.


    There is no limit to an organization's users. Emails are never sent to new organization users, only for new projects.

  26. Geoff Polegato says:

    Role management intermittent issue

    When clicking on the different roles, the check boxes for permissions sometimes appear and some do not during the same session.

  27. Inway,

    We are currently investigating the rules issue you reported. Would you care to share the output files from the runs so that we can compare the specific discrepancies that you have observed. You can either invite me to the project or mail it over at Shefy.Manayil@microsoft.com.


    Can you provide me more details. Are you looking to update AX 2012 61 to 61 CU7?

  28. Tom De ceuster says:

    Hello Shefy,

    I am just working on AX 2012 FP on CU5 yet. We are planning to update to CU7 in the near future. But the analysis has to be performed on AX 2012 FP on CU5 as base. There we installed the latest kernel version on that moment, the one released on 1 May 2014. Problem is that the model files can only be imported if kernel version is equal or higher.

    I have some suggestions for this customized analysis. First make a sub selection available per CU as well. I know we have to be close to the latest CU update. But when you are working in project mode this is not always doable. Thus

    AX 2012 FP

    AX 2012 FP CU4

    AX 2012 FP CU5

    AX 2012 R2 CU7

    AX 2012 R3

    AX 2012 R3 CU1

    And when you release a new kernel version, update LCS as soon as possible.

    During our analysis I see the following error: 'TTS block was not implemented correctly'. Most of the time this message is logged in classes which are used as building blocks. There is one business class which call that class and creates the transaction. Do I have to explicit add ttsbegin and ttscommit in these library classes? What is your BP? Where can I found it on MSDN? My point is maybe I don't want to put there a ttsbegin and ttscommit statement. It will throw an error when not correctly used, in the case when ttsbegin and ttscommit are missing. In the other case I don't have control when records are committed.


  29. Jenny says:


    I have been unable to access Dynamics Lifecycle services for about the last week and a half. After I have entered my login details, the screen refreshes to the Login page and I cannot get past this.

    Who should I contact for help?



  30. John says:

    I have deployed the AX 2012 R3 Demo VM on the Azure cloud, I am unable to login as RDP using the builtinAdministrator-pass@word1 which is provided in the LCS as my demo VM's user account. My subscription is credit is being used up but am unable to login without a proper credential. What is the credentials that I need to use or the appropriate process to login to Demo VM!

  31. Claus Andersen, EG A/S says:

    @Jared, even though the user does not receive an email notification, there is still something worng. I have emailed some additional information to Shelly.

    @Jenny, I had the same problem. I'm assigned to multiple entities and at the place where I'm choosing the entity, I had to sign out (the tile with the name in the top right corner) after that it worked. I believe that if you're not assigned to multiple entities, you should go to Live. com, and sign out.

    @John, are located in the US? If not, it might be that the Demo VM starts up with a US keyboard (so to access the @ sign you have to use another key combination).

  32. Jenny,

    You might also try accessing http://lcs.dynamics.com instead of lifecycleservices.dynamics.com. We've seen some bugs around this lately.


    I saw a similar feedback item today that I think may have been yours. I sent an email to that person. If the issue still persists, I would recommend contacting support who can debug and work through the issue.

  33. JCabrera says:

    Hey John,

    You have to access the credentials for the demo machine through LCS.

    Once you have created and deployed an environment successfully, click/highlight the environment inside of the "Cloud hosted environment" page of LCS. On the right side of the screen, information about the environment will pop up – including the user name and password.

  34. Tom,

    Yes, we do try to keep our LCS VMs updated with the latest kernel updates. But sometimes there are instances where a higher version of axutil is out there cause of some fixes we shipped and LCS VM is not updated as its waiting for monthly release schedule.

    'TTS block was not implemented correctly' – is a rule which we know can potentially throw false positives based on specific implementations. As you are aware the analysis report is machine generated and therefore you will have to use your good judgement to see if its relevant in your specific case. We are learning from this and updating the customization analysis with details including impacts and false positives index etc which will help users makes an intelligent decision on the issues thrown in the report.

    Most of the rules that is evaluated can be found in best practices for developing customizations white paper found here: informationsource.dynamics.com/…/Rfpservicesonline.aspx

  35. Raza says:

    Jared, I was under the impression that when you create a project in lifecycle, it gives you option to add documents, I tried to add a document (Word format), There is mandatory field " URL", I wasn't sure what exactly that means?

    Can I not upload documents that is residing on my computer in lifecycle?

    Appreciate your time in advance.

    Oh, If you don't mind can you please share lifecycle support link or contact information.

  36. Hi Raza,

    Currently, you must upload your document someplace else, then we will just provide a link to that place. We are currently in a private beta around SharePoint integration and allowing direct upload.

    You can contact support through customersource/partnersource by filing a new support case for AX.

  37. Rene Fauland says:

    Don't know if this is the right place for recommendations, but…

    Direct download and also of multiple hotfixes would be nice.

    Information of other included hotfixes with links also.

    Download of hotfixes as XPO!

    Issue search by date.

    Setting the number of pages of search result.

    Not all hotfixes can be found on this site, and i mean new ones!

    I'm really missing a lot of basic but helpful stuff…

  38. Claus Andersen, EG A/S says:

    @Rene: I think the place to go with recommendations would be the LCS Yammer group:



  39. Hello Rene,

    Thank you for sharing feedback on issue search. I have taken a note of it and added it to the backlog.

    We are currently working on a feature to download hotfix packages and this is inline with your suggestion to download multiple hotfixes. Also, currently you can sort results by date, but yes you cannot search for a hotfix after a specific date.

    We try to keep issue search data current, we push hotfix data into issue search once every 24 hours. With that said, since there is a content review process we have seen data to be available in issue search within ~72 hours post we ship a hotfix, but If there are specific instance for which you could not fix a hotfix thru issue search, please let me know and I will take a look at it.

  40. Claus Andersen, EG A/S says:

    Hi Shefy,

    I have a number of examples of Hotfixes that are not showing up in LCS:

    A couple of examples from the Hotfix list published on MPN (partner.microsoft.com/…/40182076): 2898921, 2898762, 2898440, 2898102, 2843613, 2866482

    The numbers have been found within 5 minutes of trying to lookup numbers from the list (and some of them are not recent), but If you need more, just let me know.

    P.S. I have earlier reported these and some other cases of missing "hits", in case you need to go back to see some previous documentation.

    /Claus A.

  41. Claus Andersen, EG A/S says:

    Hi Shefy,

    I have also posted this on the LCS Yammer group (http://www.yammer.com/dynamicsaxfeedbackprograms).

    /Claus A.

  42. Hi Claus,

    Thank you for sharing the details. We are investigating the issue and will get back to you with our findings.

  43. Praveen says:

    Any ideas why the Azure deployed Demo VM is not able to connect. It always shows the error as RDP cannot connect to the Azure VM even when it is turned on! I tried to delete and re-deploy the Demo VM from LCS, but still the RDP error. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

    Has the Azure deployment for Demo VM is not supported anymore?

    Any special settings that I need to make in Azure portal?

    Is there any RDP settings on the Azure server?

    Any ideas appreciated as there is a cost involved to host the Demo VM in the Azure portal.

  44. Hi Praveen,

    I haven't seen this before. If you're using the azure RDP download, and the credentials on the site, this should work. If you're still having trouble I would recommend contacting AX support through the traditional channels.

  45. Hello Claus,

    Based on our investigation it looks like all the above KBs are proactive fixes. Currently issue search does not show proactive fixes but we are working on getting this category of fixes searchable through issue search. It should light up in LCS tentatively around August/September time frame. Thank you once again for providing us feedback and working together with us to improve the service offering.

  46. Praveen says:

    After your response I checked the Infrastructure team and got to know that the issue was due to the corporate network internet was blocking the Azure server connection. I did a trial at a public hotspot after computer restart and everything is back to normal. If there is small note along the lcs portal to mention some FAQ for general clarifications that would be great for the dynamics community. Thanks Jared.

  47. Neil says:

    I am gettin the error when click on "Cloud Hosted Enviornments(BETA)"

    "Error Occurred

    An error has occurred while processing your request or your session has been timed out.

    Error code is None."

    Is the LCS still down? Please update..

  48. Neil says:

    Upgrading to IE10 has resolved the issue.

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