Lifecycle Services Maintenance – Thursday June 5, 2014

Dynamics AX Lifecycle Services will perform our scheduled infrastructure maintenance on June 5, 2014 (detailed timeline below)

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the site for you.

LCS will be down during this period. 



11:00 -  15:00 

19:00 - 23:00

Comments (7)

  1. jeff Harrington says:

    I have been trying to create a demo env of AX2012 R3 for over 2 weeks now and still when I try it errors. When will this service be availabe? Is it a fault that will be fixed by this maintenance outage? If not then when?

  2. Brian Gue says:

    Hi Jeff, a note that the environment setup has worked fine for me on the current release of LCS. Want to post your error?

  3. Jan Jaap Smit says:

    I try to deploy the AX2012 R3 demo environment, but nothing happens when I press the 'Deploy' Button??

    Can anyone help out here?

    I have uploaded the certificate but after that I cannot deploy the machine itself…


    Jan Jaap Smit

  4. Jeff harrington says:

    Error Occurred

    Lifecycle services will be down starting on June 5 at 19:00 UTC for 4 hours.

    Learn more

    An error has occurred while processing your request or your session has been timed out.

    Error code is None.

  5. Hi Jan et al,

    Apologies on the trouble. We're fixing a usability problem here in our next release. In order to deploy, you need to click on "DEMO" to select the topology, then click deploy. If you don't click demo first, a deployment will not occur.

    As for the error, I'm not sure why you're seeing that when you attempt deployment. I would recommend waiting until after our update tomorrow and try again. If it's still not working, you should contact support.

  6. Sara Allen says:

    Hello – This morning I am not able to see my BPM – in two of my three projects?

  7. SUNIL DHING says:


    IT IS GIVING ERROR : An error has occurred while processing your request or your session has been timed out.


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