New APQC library released

We're happy to announce that we have published a new global cross industry library: APQC (AX 2012 R3) with many new business process diagrams.

The library has new processes for the following areas:

  • Financials
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Industries

The original business processes are also included.

We've moved from 140 process diagrams to 298 with this release, doubling the existing recordings. Just navigate to the Business process modeler to browse the new content.

Note that the new library does not replace or update the existing APQC library. You can use the new library with existing implementations that are running earlier versions of AX 2012. 

Comments (22)

  1. Claudia says:

    I would like to confirm the intended usage of the BPM functionality in Lifecycle Services.  For a gap that is not just a modification to an existing process, is the intention to use the BPM to reflect the entire process from a process category down to a task level, or is the intended usage to use tools such as .visio and only import these new processes once they have been developed in Ax using the task recorder? Althoguh amending an existing process is qutie easy, I am finding designing processes from start to finish quite cumbersome when compared with a tool like .visio so wanted to confirm the intended use.  

  2. Hi Claudia,

    BPM is primarily focused on taking recordings that exist in AX at the moment. We're working to enable new functionality that will allow you to use the tool in the Visio modelling stages. As you've pointed out, if the process doesn't exist in AX, it's much easier just to use Visio.

  3. Adam C says:

    We are implementing Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and we are exploring using LCS to house all of our Level 4-6 business processes. Though the out of the box flows are great, we have a lot more that we need to create. We are having trouble running task recorder in "Advanced" mode. Our current architecture has AX and AOS on different servers. We have found the following statement in LCS documentation "In advanced mode, Microsoft Dynamics AX and AOS must be installed on the same computer."

    Is there any way around this? Please Help. Thanks.

  4. Hi Adam,

    You must do the recordings on the system that hosts the AOS. We capture ETW events that are only available on that system. It shouldn't be too tough to install the client on the same box as the AOS? You can keep your other clients separate, you just need to install one on the AOS too.

  5. Kate P says:

    We are using the task recorder in advance mode. I'm able to create recordings of the word document and the video recording, but there is no .axbpm file.

    Any thoughts as to what is missing. Thanks

  6. Hi Kate,

    You'll need to generate the AXBPM file manually by clicking the generate package button in task recorder.

  7. Pascal Gagnon says:


    I just tried to upload this new APCQ Library into LCS using Internet Explorer 11 and it failed with the following error:

          "Invalid metadata was detected in the package being uploaded. Please try again or contact an


    Anyone has any ideas of what went wrong ?


  8. Pascal Gagnon says:

    I should clarify that I can see the APQC processes in the Global Libraries section of LCS and that I can access those.  But we have been provided with a file (.axbpm) that we can upload and use it as a starting base and make changes to it as we see fit to represent our business needs.

    I have tried uploading it twice by now and I got the same error on both occasion.

    Thank you.

  9. Hi Pascal,

    There are many reasons an AXBPM file may have invalid metadata. However, this most often happens when ETW traces are not found due to the task recorder not being run in administrator mode. If you continue to experience difficulties here, I would recommend contacting support for help.

  10. Rav says:

    I create .axbpm file, and upload to LCS, but I have only hierarchy, none video records in LCS 🙁

    What is the problem?

  11. Rav says:

    Flowcharts aren't imported to into LCS. Anynone has any ideas what went wrong?

    I deploy Dynamics AX from LCS on Azure. Best regards.

  12. Hi Rav,

    Generally, we see this issue when task recorder wasn’t run as administrator. When you start AX, you need to make sure you right click on the exe and select “Run as Admin”. Without this elevated status, we can’t get the ETW traces we need, and don’t generate the task steps.

    I would recommend you contact support if you're still having any issues here.

  13. Rav says:

    Hi Jared!

    TR was running as administrator. The problem was polish language in AX. When I change to en-us, everything works. The problem was in files ExportPackage.XML,BusinessValidations.XML, SecurityRoles.XML. Probably LCS has a problem with polish chars in these files. Is this possible to fix this bug in LCS?

  14. Rav says:

    Next question. I install Dynamics AX from LCS on Azure. I try  to configure Mobile Connector (from white paper Configure the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment for companion apps). When I try  start Dynamics AX Connector for Mobile Application I’ve got  unable to reach via TCP (9351,9352) or HTTP (80,443). I can open on IE. What went wrong?

  15. Rav says:

    And next question 🙂

    I add to Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.RapidStart.Connector.exe.config file lines:

    <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true">

    <proxy bypassonlocal="True" usesystemdefault="True"/>


    restart serice and ther is no error "unable to reach" there is error The token provider was unable to provide a security token while accesing…." I have no ideas..:(

  16. Rav says:

    I remove sb, and configure next one.  Dynamics AX Connector for Mobile Application  start but I can't login from my Lumia 800, still "Sorry something went wrong…" But what???

  17. Hi Rav,

    I would really recommend you contact support with questions like these. They're best equipped to answer these kinds of questions. They'll involve myself and the product team when needed too.

  18. Rav says:

    I contact suport. Unfortunatelly ADFS requires SSL cerificate isuued by CA. So… Looking on functionality mobile app- Timesheet and Expense and needs- SSL cert and Azure subscription… IMHO to much effort… Waste time and money.

  19. Rav says:

    Is there a possibility:

    1. Import something from LCS to Dynamics AX (e.g. Business Process Library, Project Plan)

    2.Add possibility to create catalogues in Document list?

    3. Add Phases in LCS?

    4. Add possibility to edit Process category  etc. names?

  20. 1. Not today

    2. Not today, but coming soon.

    3. Not today, but coming soon.

    4. You can do this today in task recorder for a custom library, and you'll be able to do more soon.

  21. Rav says:

    Will be nice to automaticaly import from *.axbp files recording.doc docs to BPM, and also possibility to edit this documents. Regards

  22. DJ Hulsman says:

    In the process modeller, we want to be able to import processes/flows from project libraries (my libraries) into a coporate libraries. Right now, the only option to import is from corporate to a project libary. Although I'm having Admin rights, in the corporate library Core views, I don't have the 'Author and edit' option there. I've been able to adjust corporate libraries in the past from LCS. Has this been changed?

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