Lifecycle Services Maintenance – Wednesday May 7th 2014

Dynamics AX
Lifecycle Services will perform our scheduled infrastructure maintenance
(detailed timeline below)

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the site for you.

LCS will be down during this period. 



11:00  -  15:00 

19:00 - 23:00

Comments (19)

  1. Me says:

    i am having now this error, has it to do with the maintenance

    an error has occured, this error has been logged in our datacenter

  2. Hi Me,

    This error was not due to any maintenance on our part. That error is most likely due to an issue with your cloud hosted environment setup.

  3. The error mentioned above about "an error has occurred, this error has been logged in our datacenter" is being looked at by our cloud hosted environment development team, as it is impacting multiple users. If necessary, we will post a separate notification after the LCS maintenance cycle.

  4. BG says:

    can you publish these a few days earlier?

  5. We usually post notification to users on planned maintenance a week in advance, but this specific service maintenance had to be under taken on a short notice.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  6. Claudia says:

    HI.  I would just like to confirm if any issues should still be expected?  i am getting an error that says "Sorry that operation has failed, Try again later".  I am experiencing this issue drilling into the processes in business process Modeller

  7. Hi Claudia,

    We don't have any known issues in the BPM space. My projects seem to be working well at this moment. If you're still seeing the issue after closing and reopening your browser I would recommend contacting support.

  8. Claus Andersen says:

    Hi Jared,

    I have the same problem as Claudia. Everything is fine until trying to access a swimlane level.

    I have tried all the usual stuff (restart Windows, Restart Browser, Clear Cache etc.) without luck.

    I could cretae a suport case, but since it seems general, I thought you might want to take a look at it before I do so.


  9. Andy says:

    Ever since the may update, I can't discover/data mine my environments.  Kept getting a parameter error related to something with the environments when opening the client, so I deleted the environment.  Now I can't discover because it throws the error:

    "There was an error reading from the pipe: The pipe has been ended."

    Quick Bing says it's something with the WCF communication form the client to LCS WCF service…. I've tried starting a new project, re-downloading the client and re-installing with a new certificate… same result every time I click "Discover environment".


  10. Claudia says:

    Clause,to confirm – my experience is that when I click into the activity level where a process has been defined I get the "Sorry that operation has failed, Try again later" error but if there is no process defined, it allows me to proceed and create. Jared, this has only been since the update this week, but I will ask our team to log this with support.

  11. Hi Claudia and Claus,

    Thanks for reporting the issue. We've identified the cause of the issue and are working to fix the problem.

  12. Claudia says:

    Thanks Jared

  13. Claudia says:

    HI Jared.  I am still experiencing this issue so I just wanted to check what the anticipated timeline is around resolution of this?  To confirm, there are some processes e.g. 5.1.3 that do work and others e.g. and that don't work.



  14. We've deployed a fix for BPM to production. All diagrams should be working now.

  15. Claudia says:

    Thanks Jared.  

  16. Toraj Khavari says:

    I am connected to West US and see the "An error has occurred. This error has been logged in our datacenter" error. July 15 all day and Now July 16 PST AM 2014.

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