May release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the May release of Lifecycle Services.

Included in this release:

  • Microsoft Azure deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3: Support for an automated deployment of AX 2012 R3. For more information, see What's new: Azure deployments of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

  • Cloud powered support is a part of Lifecycle Services that enables customers to manage support incidents. It enables you to create a virtual machine in Azure that has the same hotfixes installed as your local environment, reproduce and record the incident on the virtual machine and then submit it to our support team. Support follows up by investigating, and if possible, testing a fix on the virtual machine, and sending it back to you to verify. For more information, see Cloud powered support (Lifecycle Services, LCS).

  • Updates for AX 2012 R3: The Updates page on Lifecycle Services hosts the update installer for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 that is used for cumulative updates, and the group of most recent updates. It also provides access to groups of updates that can be used for slipstream installations. For more information, see Updates for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 (Lifecycle Services, LCS).

  • Issue search now includes regulatory feature updates.

  • The following tools on Lifecycle Services have been updated to support AX 2012 R3:

    • Business process modeler

    • Customization analysis

    • License sizing estimator

    • Issue search

    • System diagnostic service 

Comments (9)

  1. Andy says:

    Ever since this update, I can't discover/data mine my environments.  I kept getting a parameter error related to something with the environments when opening the client, so I deleted the environment.  Now I can't discover because it throws the error:

    "There was an error reading from the pipe: The pipe has been ended."

    Quick Bing says it's something with the WCF communication form the client to LCS WCF service…. I've tried starting a new project, re-downloading the client and re-installing with a new certificate… same result every time I click "Discover environment".


  2. Thomas says:


    Nothing happens when Im trying to deploy an new environment.

    Common error?

  3. Claus Andersen says:

    Hi Thomas,

    We have donw some experimenting with the new feature here at EG, and it takes between 5-9 hours to get access to the deployed enviroment. And all that time, you'll only see the status "being deployed" (I don't recall the exact text, but that's the "message").

    Also observe that your Azure account will be bill'ed from the minute you hit "Deploy" (e.g. before haviong access to the enviroment, you will have used 5-9 hours of azure "time" on the virtual machine).


  4. Hi Thomas, we see many people who don't click on the environment before clicking the deploy button. You need to click on demo before deploying, and you'll advance to the next step.


    A typical demo deployment should take under an hour, and use much less time. Are you deploying "Demo" and which data center are you using?

  5. FH-Inway says:

    I already wrote some months ago a feedback using the smiley in LCS. Since I got no feedback and the feature was not implemented so far, I wanted to try this way to get a status on this.

    My feedback was a feature suggestion for the customization analysis. Currently, I get a lot of (for my purposes) false positives in the analysis. Just an example: We built several DIXF entities that contain relations to other tables. Customization analysis for these tables now gives warnings for these relations ("Delete actions missing in table %1 which is related to table %2 with relation name : %3"). Since I do not care about delete actions regarding staging data and I do not want to customize otherwise pristine standard tables, I would like to ignore these warnings. A similar concept is used for best practice checks with the SysBPCheckIgnore macro.

    Any chance this feature will be implemented or do I have to live with a list of issues that are polluted by false positives?

  6. Hi,

    Sadly you cannot filter out/ignore specific errors from the customization analysis report but based on feedbacks, suggestions and comments we received in the last few months we are currently working on V2 of CAT report – more actionable report. We should be able to roll it out in the coming months.

  7. Claus Andersen, EG A/S says:


    I used the Nordic Region / Northern Europe (I don't recall the exact "name").


  8. Raza says:


    I have added users in Organization User list. They can see what I have created for them. Even after making them admin, they can't see " New project" link.

    Any help will greatly be appreciated. What do I need to do so that they can create new projects?


  9. Hi Raza,

    I would recommend contacting support for this issue. The issue is most likely to do with their VOICE profiles, but it's hard to say without looking into the issue deeper.

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