Copy business process diagrams

Today, we released a new feature that enables you to copy diagrams between libraries. It's quick and easy to use.

Simply open any process model in your library, right-click on a task, and then click Import.

From here you can select and import a business process diagram from an existing library. Once you've completed the import, you'll see the new diagram and all of the existing gaps and version history.

We'll be working on more improvements here in the near future that will allow better curation of business process libraries for your business.

As always, please let us know what you think. 

Comments (4)

  1. Steffen Daugaard Pedersen says:


    Thank you for this update, that was just what we needed.

    Can you share the roadmap for the lifecycle services?

    For example, the copy from one baseline business modeller to another (as one solution) would be highly appriciated.

    Thank you for the information in this blog, this is a great ressource when working in this field.

    Best regards.


  2. Hi Steffen,

    We're an agile team, working from a backlog of work from month to month. This means that our roadmap changes quite a bit over time. We present our thoughts on what's next at many technical conferences but we generally hesitate to publish a roadmap that we may not meet.

    That said, the feature you've requested is currently in-progress, and assuming all testing goes well, I hope you'll see it go live soon.

  3. kasiarz says:


    That's very nice feature, which was missing.

    I have one question regarding Your roadmap – what about possibilities of using BPM for other languages than English. When I export processess build in Task recorder in Polish, import to LCS fail.

    Best regards


  4. Jernej Kroflič says:

    Hi Arkadiusz,

    I found workaround that might be helpful and it solves part of the problem:

    Prepare task recordings in Polish, then change language to en-us, restart AX and prepare package.

    When package will be imported to lcs it will generate flowcharts (which is not the case when other language is used), process steps will be in polish and video will be in polish, but flowcharts and list will still be in english.

    It is not full solution but it helps at least for process steps and video.

    Best regards,

    Jernej Kroflič

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