Welcome Microsoft Dynamics ERP RapidStart to Lifecycle Services

Starting today, you can work with Microsoft Dynamics ERP RapidStart from Lifecycle Services. It's very simple to start. Just create a project in Lifecycle Services, then click the RapidStart tile on the project page.

You will be asked which datacenter you'd like to be hosted in. Choose the datacenter closest to your AX 2012 instance and we'll provision you within a few seconds. After that, we'll keep your project users in sync, and you're off to a smoother implementation.

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  1. Dan McAllister says:

    Is there any word on when Microsoft Go is going to be released to the public for 1-click demos to be spun up on Azure?

    Thanks for the updates!

  2. Hi Dan,

    You'll see these features releasing alongside our R3 release. If you're at convergence next week, feel free to stop by the expo or a few of the sessions to see the beta in person.

  3. Dan McAllister says:

    Hi Jared,

    Thanks for the super quick response – does that go for the R2 CU7 demo via Microsoft GO that Chris Mitchell and Steven Houglum showed in their "Automated Deployment of AX2012 R3 in Azure using Lifecycle Services" presentation at the tech conference as well?  I know we (AX partner) are going to want to spin up an R2 demo environment on Azure; would be great to have this before the R3 release, even in beta format were such a thing possible.

  4. I don't have a solid answer on R2 deployments as shown via Microsoft GO. Our first goal is to get R3 environment deployment online. We're still in discussion around GO, R2, and our path forward in these spaces.

  5. Dan McAllister says:

    Got it – thank you!

  6. Simple to start? says:


    We are struggling now for weeks to get started ….

    Please fix it!

    Doesn't work

  7. Hi,

    I'm sorry you're having difficulties. There are currently no site outages with Lifecycle services or RapidStart. If you're having trouble, I would recommend that you contact support for help. They will pull in the teams that are needed to help resolve the issue.

  8. Automaton says:

    I went to LCS.dynamics.com signed into my live id account, clicked on the agreement and clicked next

    and I get a error occured and it says null error.  I am not able to access LCS.

    Can you please fix ?

  9. Hi Automation,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble. I would recommend contacting support about connecting to LCS, They will be able to properly troubleshoot your situation. Usually errors that early indicate a problem with your profile in VOICE.

  10. Claudia says:

    Hi.  I wonder if you could assist.  I saw the following statement "Learn projects are intended only for exploration. Prototyping customer projects is not supported. " with regards to learn projects.  Since all services are available, what is meant here by prototyping – is it the transferability to a customer and the ultimate view of a "full lifecycle" or is there anything else that is covered by this statement.

  11. Claudia,

    The only bits missing are the project stages. However, this fall we'll be reworking much of the project types.

  12. Claudia says:

    Thanks Jared. Is there a lifecycle services roadmap available that provides some details of changes that are coming?

  13. We don't have a publicly hosted roadmap at this time. We've discussed it in many avenues such as Tech Conference and Convergence. If you have access to those materials, you can search for one of our sessions to see the presentation with roadmap.

  14. hello,

    I'm not understanding how to connect the datacenter i´d like to be hosted

  15. Hi Cris,

    You'll choose the datacenter when you first connect to rapidstart from a new project.

  16. good afternoon,

    I have tried several times to load templates by process or module and got the following error message

    Error streaming file to client.

    El servidor no pudo procesar la solicitud debido a un error interno. Para obtener más información acerca del error, active IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults (desde ServiceBehaviorAttribute o desde el comportamiento de configuración de <serviceDebug>) en el servidor para enviar la información de la excepción al cliente, o active la traza según las instrucciones de la doc

  17. Adele Graser says:

    I have created a project in lifecycle services and clicked the RapidStart tile. When I select the datacenter to be hosted in, I get an error saying that something went wrong when my project was being provisioned and I need to try again later. I have tried different datacenters and have been trying off and on over the last week. What do I need to do to get my project provisioned so I can start using this?

  18. Claudia says:

    Hi Jared.  What is the relationship between LCS and RapidStart from an access perspective.

    Who has access to a Rapid Start Project – is this defined by contributors to a project or is it organisational users on LCS?

  19. Claudia says:

    Hi Jared.  I wonder if you could help.  I am experiencing the same issue as Adele. Is there something we are missing.  I have managed to perform this process a few months ago?  I have managed to create a cloud hosted environment for this project but when I select the Rapid Start Icon I get the error "..Something went wrong when provisioning your project…"

    Thanks, Claudia

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