Error codes demystified

In lifecycle services we are showing error messages in case of any technical or business issue. Every technical issue is tied with an error code. This error code is helpful for debugging purpose and error message is helpful for the users. In this blog we will try to explain some of the errors and what to do in those cases.


Error code


Work around


Error code 5 means a system error. Please pass projectid and timestamp while sending error to lcssupport team.

Please try to login again and retry. If problem is still there please call lcssupport. 


Error code 16 means a system error. Please pass projected and timestamp while sending error to lcssupport team.

Please try to login again and retry. If problem is still there please call lcssupport.


Error code 62 means a system error while pulling user information. Please pass timestamp while sending error to lcssupport team.

Currently there is no workaround for this problem.


Error code 300 means browser is not supported

LCS is supported on IE9, IE10 and IE11 preview. In case you are running IE9, 10 or 11 and still getting this error, please make sure IE is not running in compatibility mode.

 Session Time out error

 In most cases this means session is timed out. However there are few edge cases where it can be because of some other reason

 In case browsing to any service from home page shows session timed out. Please check your IE settings. Put * in trusted sites.






Comments (3)

  1. Andrei Gutiérrez says:


    Is there some workaround for Error code 401. When I try to access to and sign me with Microsoft employee account I get this message:

    Error Occurred

    An error has occurred while processing your request or your session has been timed out.

    Error code is 401.

    I can´t access to LCS.

    Thanks and regards!

  2. ErrorCode EntitlementPlanNotSupported says:

    I set up our IT manager in China that is implementing AX on Customersource but he gets this error when trying to access Lifecycle Services.

    Message: Entitlement related issue for, please see errorCode for more detail

    Eror Code: EntitlementPlanNotSupported

    Next Steps: Corrent the above indicated problems with this account or sign out and sign back in as another user.

    Does anyone know how or who to contact in order to get this issue resolved?   There does not appear to be any way to change entitlements for a specific Customersource user nor do I believe there should be.

    Steve Weber

    Director of IT, ITW Food Equipment Group

  3. EntitlementPlanNotSupported Indiana says:

    I got the same thing…have you gotten a fix yet? .I have multiple clients and one of them just let their license expire, will try to remove them and see if LCS works again….

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