Privacy and search engines

It is no secret that search engines keep track of searches made. Any website logs accesses and most websites track your activity via cookies for reasons involving both your benefit and that of the site you’re accessing. You may be surprised to find out that even video players used for online videos come with their own…


bing adds twitter integration

See it work at:  [UPDATE 10/22/2009]: Reactions:  


bing has launched!

I haven’t posted anything new for some time, but now I have some news related to my current area of work: bing is Microsoft’s new search engine, it has launched yesterday, and you can now find it at Give it a try and let me know what you think about it.  


A SQL Injection attack and search engines

A few weeks after my previous posting of a SQL Injection Advisory link, a new SQL Injection attack came up. Here’s a post describing it; it also includes other useful links: A search for the query string “” (the quotes are part of the search string) shows that there are still sites infected today. So,…