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  1. Med Bouchenafa says:

    One feature, I'd love to have is possibility to block connection coming from a mac address

    This can be very useful when your device is lost or stollen

  2. For a stolen device, the best response would be to just change your account password – the stolen device won't be able to login with the old credentials.

    Being able to block MAC addresses can be useful and I passed your suggestion to the team, but even after blocking the MAC address of a stolen device, I'd still recommend changing the account password to go by the "defense in depth" principle.

  3. jamesLodge nr manchester says:

    I lost  a  laptop last yr  and  the  mac address isnt  blocked , the  laptop did contain some  auto log ins ,  I have changed all security  tha t is  personal .

    however  I now  find  that  a person is logging  in and  have  via  my microsoft  account  a  full track of their travels and log ins  ,  will soon be  feeling  there collar  via   the  police  lol. They cannot  access my account security but it  tracks them. They cannot receive the  account  open code sent to my mobile .

    did this years  ago and  tracked  a burgular house  breaker  who used  a  capped mobile to ring  his  mates  lol

  4. @jamesLodge: So you left the account password unchanged so they can still login and you can track them, but you removed anything personal from the account. Nice! Hope you catch them! Thanks for sharing your story and let us know when you manage to catch them.

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