Finding information about which account xp_cmdshell is running as

If you ever needed to debug a permission related issue when using xp_cmdshell, you have probably realized that a crucial piece of information is about what particular account xp_cmdshell is executing under. If you are the administrator of the database, you already know the context used by xp_cmdshell, but otherwise you may not have that…


bing adds twitter integration

See it work at:  [UPDATE 10/22/2009]: Reactions:  


New attack on AES-256

A new attack improves significantly on previous attacks against AES-256, see: This doesn’t mean that AES-256 is broken yet, but the surprising bit here is that AES-128 is not susceptible to this particular attack. Don’t panic if you are using AES-256 and read Bruce Schneier’s commentary carefully – for example, note that the attack is against a…