Refresh 3 – NumberSequence code error

  If you have using the Refresh 3 then you might have a problem with numbersequences. Here is a quick walk through on how to correct this. You can download the video from here. Cheers Lachlan (Original post at

Refresh 3 – File Part 22 from Partnersource

  I’ve had a few emails about trying to get the file part 22 for the Refresh 3 Demo VM. The partnersource people are looking into it. If you need the Refresh 3 image please email the regular DemoAX email and we’ll send you a temporary link. Cheers Lachlan (Original post


Announcement of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Demonstration VM – November 2010 Refresh

  Today we are announcing an update to the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Demonstration Toolkit virtual machines. The following Q&A is provided to give you details about this release.   Why are there new VMs? The existing demonstration VMs have a time bomb that will end on the 15th of November so we are providing…