Posting documents to SharePoint

  I had a question about saving documents to SharePoint on the demo VM. If you get an error and trying to save like an Excel spreadsheet or Word document to a document library something to the effect “This file cannot be saved to this location because there is no connection to the server. Check…


Using RunAs on the Demo VMs

  I’ve had a few people ask about using RunAs on the new demo V Ms Refresh 3.5 and Refresh 4. You will note under Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 the menu options are a little different. Under Windows 2008 which is on the Refresh 3.5 Demo VM. When you right click on a…


Refresh 4 – Hyper-V Services

  On the Refresh 4 VM you will find that the Hyper-V services are set to manual. This will result in the Time Sync service not starting. The end result of this is if you are running the second VM with Exchange then the Exchange Information Store won’t start because the time is out of…


Refresh 4 – Using Remote Desktop Services

  So it’s been great to see how many people have managed to get the new VMs down and are up and running. I’m going to start to post some notes on how to use the VMs better and what you can use and show on the VMs. One tip would be access the VMs…


Refresh 3 – NumberSequence code error

  If you have using the Refresh 3 then you might have a problem with numbersequences. Here is a quick walk through on how to correct this. You can download the video from here. Cheers Lachlan (Original post at


Refresh 4 – Turning off SSL on the workflow website

  I’ve had a few questions on this one. So if you can’t get the workflow running in the Refresh 4 VM you should turn off the SSL support for the workflow website. This video walks through the quick change needed. You can download the video from here. Here are the basic setups. Go into…


Refresh 3 – File Part 22 from Partnersource

  I’ve had a few emails about trying to get the file part 22 for the Refresh 3 Demo VM. The partnersource people are looking into it. If you need the Refresh 3 image please email the regular DemoAX email and we’ll send you a temporary link. Cheers Lachlan (Original post


Refresh 4 – Web Part Script Message on Role Centers with KPI-BO WebPart

  I’ve had a few questions about this one. In the Refresh 4 image we have SharePoint 2010, SQL 2008 R2 running on Windows 208 R2 and so when a Role Center loads that contains the KPI or Business Overview Webpart you will get this script error. If you click yes the page will still…


Refresh 4 – Partnersource page

  I’ve had quite a few questions about access to the video posted on the Partnersource page and the ability to get them. Seems the download will disconnect and the Partnersource team are looking into it. So I just wanted to point out that the setup videos are included in the ZIP file for the…


Refresh 3.5 – Configuring Desktop Profiles

  In the intro videos posted with the new demo VMs we pointed out that Refresh 4 is the VM we would recommend people moving to if you want the full demo experience configured. In the Refresh 3.5 demo VM we have only configured the desktop profile for the Admin. While all the regular contoso…