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I’ve had quite a few questions about access to the video posted on the Partnersource page and the ability to get them. Seems the download will disconnect and the Partnersource team are looking into it.

So I just wanted to point out that the setup videos are included in the ZIP file for the VM itself. So if you have go the VM down then you also have the videos for the setup and navigation.

The videos for the setup were included in all 3 VM sets, Refresh 4, Refresh 3.5 and Refresh 3.



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  1. JuliaFits says:

    Please tell me where on the VM to find the video.  I am also unable to download from PtrSrce.

  2. Lachlan Cash says:

    Hi Julia

    In the folder where you unzipped the VM on your host machine. Not inside the VM (guest).

    Ping me if you can't find them.



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