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For those folks not at WPC2010 last week there was an announcement by the Microsoft partner team that they have updated the Demo Showcase Suite. I caught up with Mark and Dan before WPC and the gave me a preview of what they had been doing and what was in the 2.0 release of the simulation tool. Here are some quick notes now that they have announced it last week at WPC and features that were already in the tool.

The site has been updated to include a lot of new features for sharing and promoting your demos. You can find it here


The simulation builder tool has been updated with some nice capabilities. A new one I like is the ability to specify the image quality you want to keep for your compressed images. Also a nice feature to export the images you captured to a folder.


What is nice with the site is the ability to be able to share your demo. And also a cool feature if you have a recorded demo you can upload a video



If you created a simulation then you can view that online before downloading. See this example with an AX2009 Lean demo.


Notice the share button in the bottom right. This enables you to send a link to people to view the demo if you made if public. For example this demo you can get to here.

Another cool feature is the ability to re-use the content. For example here is a simulation demo embedded here in my blog.

Install Silverlight


Of if it was a video that you had uploaded and wanted to re-use in another site. You can access the link on the site

Install Silverlight


Great tool if you are building and sharing your demos.



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