Quick update on videos being migrated to Microsoft Azure storage

Just a quick update as I posted last week on the display of videos on the blog. I’ve had a lot of emails on getting access to the videos. I guess when something is not available you notice the need. So the videos are being migrated to Microsoft Azure.

What does that mean to you ? Nothing really for the end user of the content. But a few people have ask me in the past and I posted a note on how I was doing the videos. So if you are interested here is a series of articles that explains how you can use Azure and Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 to host and store your videos for display as Silverlight on your web sites.




Microsoft Azure is a very cool technology indeed. Storage for videos is nice but if you are a techy then the SQL Data services and application service hosting is very interesting. I’ve noticed folks in the AX world experimenting the Azure and services integration to Dynamics AX.

It will take a while to re-post all the videos over the next few days. If you have something you need then they are posted to partnersource and working LIFO I’ll update the links on the blog.



(Original post at http://blogs.msdn.com/lcash)

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  1. kespelage says:

    AXTIP0005 "Configure Pre-Sales Demo VM in VPC2007" can’t be opened from the partner source side. Message "The page cannot be found".

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