Password on AX-SRV-03

I had a question from a partner on the password for the AX-SRV-03 VM. So thought I’d re-post a note about passwords on the demo VMs. All the Dynamics AX demo passwords for the VMs are pass@word1 and the domain is CONTOSO.

You will have trouble with passwords if you are using a non US English keyboard or using the language input bar. See the note I posted here

Also if you have set the VM up with only 1 Network card or changed the networking on the VMs you may have trouble logging on as they are setup to authenticate from the AD on AX-SRV-01. So if you are using AX-SRV-03 and it can’t talk to AX-SRV-01 then you also may have trouble logging. See these notes on the networking setup on the VMs :



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