Demo VM and Office activation

I’ve had a few questions on the Office activation on the demo VM and I’ve posted a few notes on the topic.

The last note I posted might have confused a few folks thinking they can only get past the activation by putting in a product key. The answer is that you may not have to manually put in a key.

The first thing to try is to connect to the internet and try to activate over the internet. See this note on connecting the VM to the internet.

If you can’t get that to work because of the network you a connected to the see this note :

99% of the time most people can get past just connecting to the internet and activating.



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10/12/09  Running under Hyper-V ? As an addendum to this post I have a note from Tom who said that running under Hyper-V he’s found it consistent that connecting to the internet and activating doesn’t work for the VM so you will have to try the method suggested in this note

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