Passwords on the demo VMs

I’ve have been working on a few projects so a little slow at posting notes the last couple of months. I’ve had a few questions about passwords for the demos VMs. We keep them the same regular demo password which you will find in the release notes.

This may lead to some challenges in countries where the keyboard is a different layout or you have the Windows language bar turned on for different language input, other than US English.

The problem is with the @ symbol that is in the password. So if you have having trouble logging onto the CONTOSO domain with the pass@word1 password. Then open notepad on your machine. eg Click Start, Run, type in notepad.exe


Type in the password there to see how it is being input. If it is not being entered correctly then you will have some issues logging onto the VM. So change you keyboard or language bar settings to enter till you find the right combination to get the @ symbol to allow you to log on.

Also if you decide to change the password for the Administrator you will have to change the password in a lot of places in the setup, so best to work out the right key combination on your keyboard to get the input.

I’d be interested to hear how many people have trouble with this. As a percentage of the people using the VM I’ve only heard a few questions. But if it’s a bigger problem then we’ll consider making changes.



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