Adding your partner solution to the Demo VM

Just back from a couple of weeks off so catching up on some questions. I’ve had a few different questions around a similar topic. The question relates to adding your partner solutions to the demo VM.

Two questions come from this.

  • Can we get the dev codes for BUS and VAR to add our solutions. The answer is yes they will be posted to Partnersource page. Scroll down to the bottom to the “Demo License Files” section and pick up the Development codes.
  • Re-distributing your solution to other partners. The best practice is to use the Differencing disk feature of VPC to create a “Diff” disk which contains your partner solution. Then get the partner to download the original VM from the Partnersource site and then give them a copy of your diff disk. Our basic practice is that we update the VM each 6 months archiving the previous VM to a new page if you still need the previous VM that you built your “Diff” disk from.




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Comments (2)

  1. wisemore says:

    Are the dev codes part of the standard license file?  Or will it be a separate file?  Thx.

  2. Lachlan Cash says:

    They are related to the VM license but a seperate file. You have to type the codes into the client config tool.



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